This Instagrammer Embraces Her Eczema While Creating Gorgeous Makeup Looks

This Instagrammer Embraces Her Eczema While Creating Gorgeous Makeup Looks
Photo: ImaxTree

A wise person once said that our flaws are what make us most beautiful, and we couldn’t agree more. The beauty industry isn’t without its faults, but we have makeup lovers like Bronya Humphreys doing the work to ensure that we don’t become obsessed with the idea of perfection.

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HelloGiggles was the first to spot this Instagrammer, whose gorgeous eye makeup looks have an unlikely inspiration. Humphreys is one of many people who live with eczema, a medical condition that causes areas of the skin to become flaky or inflamed to the point of physical discomfort. And while dealing with skin issues isn’t always the most fun, she chooses to show a little extra love to the part of her face that’s most affected: the area around her eyes.

Humphreys’s makeup slays are essentially works of art that truly reflect her expertise as a burgeoning beauty expert. And when she’s not showing off her impressive skills, she’s also speaking out about the critiques she’s faced over her skin condition, while also sharing the products she uses to keep her skin healthy and happy.

“I want to prove that you can be beautiful even without makeup. Skin condition and all. I love the way I look when I’m fully glammed, but that’s only one side of me,” she said under one of her posts. “The other side is someone who is a human; with human emotions and gets hurt just like any of you. I want to show you that both sides of me are beautiful, and both sides of you are beautiful too!”

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We love everything about Humphreys and her inspiring Instagram page. Check out some of her coolest work below: