17 Must-Follow Instagram Accounts for Women with Type 4 Natural Hair

Andrea Jordan
17 Must-Follow Instagram Accounts for Women with Type 4 Natural Hair
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It’s hard to remember the days when sporting natural hair was taboo. From A-listers sporting their natural curls on the red carpet to countless women and men taking to YouTube to reveal their routines and hairstyles, embracing kinky and coily curl patterns, though revolutionary in some cases, is being normalized in the best way possible, thanks in part to hundreds upon hundreds of top-notch Instagram accounts for natural hair.

Whether you’re new to the community or just love getting inspiration from other girls with similar hair types, finding must-follow gals on Instagram can change your thought process on rocking your natural texture. Not sure how to style your tresses for a special event? There’s an Insta-tutorial for that. Want to learn which products work for detangling week-old curls? Yep, there’s a woman out there who has mastered that and posted it on her account, too.

No matter what your hair concern, thanks to social media, you can find it in a few simple clicks. If you’ve got type 4 (aka kinky) hair and are looking for some hair inspo, need help with styling or mastering hair health, there’s plenty to choose from. From mom and daughter styling to mastering protective styles, these women have mastered it all. Keep scrolling to see our top picks.


If you’re looking to add versatility to your type 4 strands, you should definitely follow Tara. From French braids to pigtails to springy, spiral bangs, she’s done it all.


Hailing from Memphis, Tennessee, Taylor has no shortage of beauty knowledge. While she does both makeup and hair tutorials, we love to watch how she styles her ‘fro.


Miss Wood brings a ton of West African flair to her creative hairstyles. If you’re looking for a unique protective style, she’s your girl.


Two natural hair sisters, both Type 4, share their journey to growing healthy, natural locks with a little sprinkles of sister love in-between.


This mom of twins doesn’t scrimp when it comes to styling her 4c tresses. From braids to faux locs, her styling choices are from ordinary. Don’t be surprised if you see hair tutorials for natural kids, too.


Besides being gorgeous with beautiful brown skin, Jaynelle’s gorgeous mane is total #HairCrush material. From easy-to-follow tutorials to new product experiments, we are positive you’ll love her just as much as we do.


If you need help defining your 4c strands, Bubs Bee is your girl. She’s got dozens of tutorials and shower videos to follow to define and shape strands to emphasize your curl pattern.


An original OG in the natural hair community, we’ve watched Chime grow and style her gorgeous tresses from day one. One thing she masters oh so well: A killer twist-out. Take a look for yourself.


Once you start following Dayna, you’ll fall in love with more than just her hair. She empowers women to be BOLD and travels the globe, flawlessly to be exact, sporting her blonde-tipped ‘fro and looking fabulous.


From stretched curls to wash-n-go’s, Temitope rocks it all. She’s a go-to when trying to get out of a style rut.


Voted best collective by Essence magazine, 4chairchicks is a one-stop-shop for all things 4c hair. No matter if you’re looking for inspiration or new styles to try, you’ll find all types of kinky strands on this page.


All the way in The Netherlands, this mommy and daughter trio gives us major hair inspo. If you’re a family of type 4 hair, we recommend following this page, stat.


From bold color to blowouts, Charyjay showcases it all. She’s always highlighting new products to try and makes experimenting with natural hair fun.


If you don’t know Whitney, otherwise known as Naptural85, you’ve been living under a rock. She’s one of the most popular natural hair bloggers and founder of Melanin Haircare. Not to mention, she slays on her type 4 strands.


The London-bred Alchemist gives major tips on haircare from DIY masks and smoothie bowls to hydrate dry strands to protective styles to help retain length.


Hairstylist gone influencer, Maria Antoinette is well-known in the world of natural hair. We love her balance of hair health and styling tips and her free-spirited, let’s-try-anything approach to natural hair.


This DC native’s youthful approach to natural hair inspires us to enjoy playing and experimenting with our tresses. From temporary color to sky-high topknots, we love every style Jewellianna creates.