15 Influencers Who Have Top-Rated Beauty Brands

15 Influencers Who Have Top-Rated Beauty Brands
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There are many routes into the beauty industry–you could be born into the Lauder family (of Estée Lauder), you could become a celebrity makeup artist or hairstylist, or you could be an influencer. Kylie Jenner made waves as Forbes announced Kylie Cosmetics built her a $900M cosmetics empire. Whoever said beauty was not a lucrative business, is seriously disturbed!

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Audience reach is everything in business today, and no one knows that more than social media influencers. Bloggers and vloggers have decided to take their passions and turn them into tangible products. From skin care and makeup to hair care and subscription services, these beauty mavens know best and have decided to work tirelessly to create quality products that they want to share with their massive amounts of followers and viewers.

Another upside to Instagram-friendly beauty companies is that they often respond to inquiries in comments and DMs (talk about customer service!). Influencers-turned-entrepreneurs are some of the world’s newest girl-bosses, and we are here for it.

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Emily Weiss: Glossier

Weiss is the founder of the blog Into the Gloss and the incredibly popular cosmetics and skin-care company Glossier. She has 408K+ Instagram followers, while Glossier has 1.5M+. The products stress "skin first, makeup second," which is also in the brand's Instagram bio. The newest product released is the Zit Stick, which has already gotten great reviews for helping blast blemishes.

Photo: Instagram/@emilywweiss.
Kylie Jenner: Kylie Cosmetics

Just in case you forgot, Kylie Jenner's makeup empire is doing pretty well. Jenner has 116M+ Instagram followers, and her cosmetics line has 17.7M+ followers. She just launched her Halloween collection, which has an orange color palette with a pop of purple. The best part of Kylie Cosmetics is that the products are actually great, and she really does care about her customers.

Photo: Instagram/@kyliejenner.
Marianna Hewitt: Summer Fridays

The popular fashion, beauty and lifestyle vlogger is a cofounder of Summer Fridays, which produces clean, vegan and cruelty-free skin-care products. The first product, the Jet Lag Mask, has amazing reviews, and the latest release is the Overtime Mask. The brand also recently did a collaboration with popular coffee house Alfred, and the cup sleeves had cute sayings like, "LA: Where Every Day Is a Summer Friday."

Photo: Instagram/@marianna_hewitt.
Lauren Gores Ireland: Summer Fridays

Summer Fridays' other cofounder is Lauren Gores Ireland, blogger of You & Lu, which covers motherhood, wellness, beauty and lifestyle. She has a little boy named Evan, who is so adorable and makes regular appearances on her Instagram account, which has 75.4K+ followers.

Photo: Instagram/@laurengores.
Kristen Noel Crawley: KNC Beauty

KNC Beauty makes all-natural masks for eyes and lips. The eye mask is especially Instagram-friendly with its glittery, crecent moon and star design. Crawley is a beauty columnist, jewelry designer and gallery owner. She is married to fashion designer Don C, is a mother to two boys and lives in Los Angeles. You can find her going to Fashion Weeks, events and parties with friends such as Kim Kardashian (Crawley was part of the Instagram Yeezy Season 6 campaign).

Photo: Instagram/@kristennoelcrawley.
Negin Mirsalehi: Gisou

With 5M+ Instagram followers, Mirsalehi is a serious influencer and entrepreneur. She founded Gisou, which creates bee-based hair products (Gisou just had a pop-up shop at Angelina in Paris). The first product released was the honey-infused hair oil, which contains honey from her dad's bee garden. The brand is available in the U.S., Canada and most of Europe and is sulfate- and paraben-free.

Photo: Instagram/@negin_mirsalehi.
Kim Kardashian West: KKW Beauty and KKW Fragrance

Following in the footsteps of her younger sister, Kim's beauty line debuted after Kylie's but there is no bad blood between the family. KKW Beauty has 2.3M+ Instagram followers and KKW Fragrance has 623K+ followers, which is impressive, but minuscule compared to Kim's 119M+ followers. After being locked in contracts for so long, this is Kim's first venture into a solo business, and it is flourishing.

Photo: Instagram/@kimkardashian.
Huda Kattan: Huda Beauty

With 27.9M+ followers on Instagram (Naomi Campbell is one!) and 2.5M+ subscribers on YouTube, Kattan is a beauty mogul in her own right. She trained to be a makeup artist in Hollywood and worked for Revlon, but her older sister was actually the one who first introduced her to products. Today, Huda Beauty's false lashes are almost always sold out!

Photo: Instagram/@hudabeauty.
Anna Petrosian: Dose of Colors

The beauty influencer with 1.4M+ Instagram followers owns the cruelty-free cosmetics company Dose of Colors, which has an impressive 2.9M+ followers. Recently, the brand collaborated with popular beauty vloggers Desi Perkins and Katy DeGroot for the Desi x Katy collection. Petrosian is part of the Founders Club, a group of beauty entrepreneurs, including the Summer Fridays founders, Sona Gasparian and Sazan Hendrix.

Photo: Instagram/@annapetrosian_.
Sona Gasparian: Pérsona Cosmetics

The Los Angeles–based beauty vlogger and blogger runs her site Simply Sona, and she launched her cruelty-free makeup line in 2016. Her YouTube channel has 756K+ subscribers, who tune in to watch her beauty and travel videos. You can find Gasparian hanging out with friends Camila Coelho, Victoria Justice and Aimee Song at social events in L.A.

Photo: Instagram/@sonagasparian.
Sazan Hendrix: Bless Box

The beauty vlogger with 1M+ Instagram followers curates the monthly subscription box service called Bless Box. She just partnered with Cindy Crawford and her skin-care line Meaningful Beauty for the month of October. Hendrix is also a mom to an adorable little girl whom you can find all over her Instagram along with her husband Stevie.

Photo: Instagram/@sazan.
Zoe Elizabeth Sugg: Zoella Beauty

Sugg's beauty brand makes hand creams, body scrubs, bubble bath, body lotions, hair towels, lip oils, fragrances and more. One of the first UK beauty YouTubers, she also launched a lifestyle collection, which produces tumblers, candles and more. She is still very active in the original YouTube community she first started in and still regularly posts to her 4.8M+ subscribers.

Photo: Instagram/@zoella.
Michelle Phan: EM Cosmetics

The original beauty queen of YouTube (she has 8.9M+ subscribers), Michelle Phan created her own line EM Cosmetics, which offers gorgeous lip shades and eyeliners. With 2M+ Instagram followers, Phan, who has shied away from the spotlight recently, posts mostly about her line and entrepreneurial efforts.

Photo: Instagram/@michellephan.
Annie Lawless Jacobs: Lawless

The cofounder of Suja Juice and blogger of Blawnde is also the CEO of her own clean cosmetics line called Lawless, which is carried by Sephora. The Seal the Deal loose setting powder is already a fan-favorite product.

Photo: Instagram/@annielawless.
Marlena Stell: Makeup Geek Cosmetics

With 2.6M+ Instagram followers, cruelty-free brand Makeup Geek Cosmetics is doing very well for itself. The line, known for high-quality products for a low price, has risen in popularity due to Stell's YouTube channel, which has 1.4M+ subscribers. Her videos cover cosmetics, fashion and lifestyle.

Photo: Instagram/@marlenastell.

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