Oprah’s Makeup Artist Throws A Hissyfit


103423 1287175956 Oprah’s Makeup Artist Throws A Hissyfit The Hissyfit University campus for the day

Reggie Wells is fed up with the ladies and we can understand why! After a lifetime of beautifying some of the worlds most famous faces (Beyonce, Michelle Obama, and the Queen of Daytime, Ms. Oprah Winfrey, are among his devotees), Wells still cant get over the number of women who are confused when it comes to makeup. In an effort to help end this beauty epidemic, Wells opened the doors to his forum Hissyfit University where the days lesson plan consisted of a crash course in makeup application.

103421 1287514271 Oprah’s Makeup Artist Throws A HissyfitHaving been a slave to virtually the same beauty regimen ever since I was old enough to wear mascara to school (read: get away with it, age 11), I knew that I was in for a life (and face!)-changing experience when I enrolled at H.U. After my own personal beauty tutorial and watching the master at work, I got schooled in the Hissyfit Creative Directors top tricks and tools of the trade.

For more on how to apply everything from shadow to foundation or get your hands on Reggies makeup-made-easy products, visit www.hissyfit.com.

1. DO wear makeup. It should come as no surprise that the makeup artist for the Big O a huge proponent of being your best self wants us all to put our best face forward and look the best that [we] possibly can. And that means never leaving the house without makeup on. While there is a lucky few (very few) that may not need makeup, the majority of us look better with at least a little of it on.

103429 1287175964 486x Oprah’s Makeup Artist Throws A Hissyfit The master, Reggie Wells, at work

2. So DONT leave the house without making up your eyes, lips and cheeks. Whether you have five minutes or five hours, tending to this facial trifecta is a must-do for Reggie, who says that if you have to forgo something, let it be the foundation not the mascara or the blush.

103426 1287175960 486x Oprah’s Makeup Artist Throws A Hissyfit Getting their face on

103425 1287175958 240x Oprah’s Makeup Artist Throws A Hissyfit3. DO find out your colors. Reggie was horrified by the poor choices in both lipstick and eye shadow that showed up to class at H.U. (one fellow redhead got called out for her awful lipstick safe to say she wont be using that hue again!).

A lot of women dont know what their colors are so they end up wearing the wrong ones. Are you among the beauty befuddled? What you need to do is take a look at Wells color chart which divides women into four different categories (A, B, C, and D) according to skin color. To find out which category you fall into and what colors work best for your skin tone, visit www.hissyfit.com.

4. DO play up your best feature. Reggie believes that every woman has something special about her and thats what [you should concentrate] on. Whether its your killer cheekbones or a pout that would make even Angelina Jolie jealous, make that feature the focus.

103428 1287175963 486x Oprah’s Makeup Artist Throws A HissyfitEye Spy: Making this models peepers pop!

5. But DONT go overboard. Reggie told one woman who was rocking a bright blue shadow up to the brow, you have beautiful eyes, but you painted them wrong. Just because you have an [eye shadow] quad at home, doesnt mean you have enough room to put a quad on your eye. So keep it simple and maybe nix the eighties-inspired look.

6. DO mix it up. For the most fabulous lip (a Reggie Wells specialty!), it takes at least three lip shades and these three simple steps: trace the lip line with the darkest shade, then shade most of the lip with the next darkest shade (leaving room for a lighter shade), and finally, apply the lightest shade to the middle and top part of the lip. These steps will stabilize your lip color for hours a la Ms. Winfrey, and if its good enough for Oprah, its good enough for us!

7. DONT forget to blend. We all know that girl whose face is at least two shades darker than the rest of her body and that bronzer isnt fooling anybody. To avoid looking like a hot, two-toned mess and get a more natural look with your foundation, remember, You must blend it in. To get the look, Reggie uses Hissyfits Finger Feathers brushes that are feather-like extensions of your fingers. To purchase, go to www.hissyfit.com.

103430 1287175965 486x Oprah’s Makeup Artist Throws A HissyfitBronzed Beauty

8. DO create balance. While I assumed that my glasses would be able to hide any fatal makeup application flaws I may have made that morning, the professor was onto me. If youre going to work it in a pair of thick frames, Reggie suggests overcompensating by putting a little color underneath the eyes to go through the frame of the glasses. For me (a Category A), he applied a bit of gold mixed with rust to make my eyes stand out.

103427 1287175961 486x Oprah’s Makeup Artist Throws A Hissyfit
Prof. Reg makes me a spectacle in my spectacles!

103422 1287175955 240x Oprah’s Makeup Artist Throws A Hissyfit9. DONT underestimate the power of a great product. Reggie and his team of beauty buffs at Hissyfit have created a new system that is designed specifically to simplify your makeup routine. The Clockpot is an all-in-one compact that caters to every skin tone category and is available this December in three different pots: one for the face, one for the eyes and one for the cheeks. Filled with all of the foundations, shadows, and blushes appropriate to your coloring, the Clockpots make it possible to have all of the products you could ever need in your hand at one time!

10. DO get educated. Having been an art teacher before he delved into the world of beautifying celebrities and everyday women, Wells believes that to get it right, you have to be taught. So remember, ladies: before you buy, learn to apply! Visit www.hissyfit.com and get schooled.

103424 1287175957 486x Oprah’s Makeup Artist Throws A HissyfitClass is in session: Reggie beauty-schools the crowd

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