How To Save Your Sunburned Skin, Plus More Cool-Down Tips!

Rachel Adler


Getting your first lobster-worthy sunburn is like a rite of passage that should be grouped among such things as getting your driver’s license, graduating college or even moving into your first apartment. Once you’ve felt the heat radiating off of your body (or worse, you’ve been red and splotchy due to misguided sunscreen application) you’ll be sure to take extra care the next time you’re outdoors.

But in case you were caught off guard (falling asleep in a lounge chair in 92 degree heat ring a bell?), Kristin Petrovich, co-founder of sjal skincare, is here to the rescue with some great sunburn beauty tips. It might just save your skin…

Many of us wear sunscreen but still wind up getting a burn after a day in the sun. What is the best way to relieve the pain from a sunburn?
Kristin Petrovich: First, make certain to stop the burn. There are great old-fashioned remedies for instant sunburn relief such as a cold bath with tea bags and sliced cucumbers.? White vinegar will actually draw the heat out of a burn. If you dont like that try plain or Greek yogurt for instant relief or a simple ice compress. ?Of course, you want to apply aloe constantly.

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Old school aloe vera is a tried and true summer beauty must-have. $5.99 at Walgreens

Are there any products we should look for that will help soothe the redness in our skin? What specific ingredients in those products do just that?
Our Serum 1 is fantastic for calming and soothing skin. The base of the product is our hyaluronic acid, ceramides (hydrators) and algaes (for calming). It also contains mangosteen, fig, violet, iris and pomegranate for calming and soothing. Anti-microbial ingredients (grapefruit seed, zinc), B12, B6 and potassium are included for skin repair. For anti-redness, a marine vascular complex which can be found in deep hydration creams will soothe your skin.

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Try Serum 1 for a calming effect. $245 at

Ok, I’m the first to admit that I wasn’t always so great with SPF. What can we do to try to combat the damage we may have caused?
Use a good skin care line that uses exfoliating, reparative and anti-aging properties. For more serious damage, try peels and laser treatments. I would suggest going slow and steady with more invasive procedures. Stay out of the sun and use SPF!??

Many of us peel after a burn, what is the best way to keep the skin moisturized as it is healing?
Keep applying aloe and once skin is calmed down, apply pure vitamin E and then follow with a good reparative crme such as kura intuitif.

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