Hangover Remedy: How To Look Good The Morning After

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Hangover Remedy: How To Look Good The Morning After
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With the holiday season upon us, calling it an early night is just no longer possible. Whether we’re just going for innocent drinks to catch up with friends, or headed off to an ugly Christmas sweater party, looking presentable day after day begins to become a real chore.

Luckily, I’ve started to pick up on a few tips and tricks from some friends in the beauty industry (it turns out that fashion week’s backstage whining comes in handy after all) and they’re more than happy to share their wisdom with you. Read on for cures for those puffy eyes, dark circles and lackluster skin.

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Puffy Eyes:
First, make sure all of your makeup from the night before is off. A lot
of people skip this step, but you want to make sure your face is very
clean. Second, moisturize to make sure your face is hydrated. Third, if
you have any puffiness at all, take chamomile tea bags, wet them, put
them in the freezer. Put them on your eyes for 10 minutes to reduce
swelling. – Joanna Schlip, celeb makeup artist (Christina Applegate, Ellen Pompeo)

Puffy Eyes:
Use this recipe to make a de-puffing eye treatment. Mix one part hemorrhoid cream with 10 parts eye cream. Make sure to test the mixture on your wrist first to check for a reaction. Follow that with some eye drops. I like the Rohto brand Cool drops; not only do they wake you up, but they also whiten and brighten – that already takes a couple of hours off the damage! – Joanna Schlip, celeb makeup artist (Christina Applegate, Ellen Pompeo)

Dark Circles:
If you can, exercise first thing to sweat out toxins and drink some Emergen-C
to refuel and restore electrolytes. Then, use a facial scrub and lots
and lots of eye cream and moisturizer to counteract the dehydration
from alcohol. Cover up dark circles with moisturizing foundation in the
morning, and don't use any powder - it's too drying! - Angie Parker, celeb makeup artist (Michelle Williams, Diane Kruger)

Moisturize Skin:
After a late night party, sleeping and drinking tons of water to
hydrate your skin are a big part of recovery. You should exfoliate in
the morning to keep your skin looking bright, not dull - I love Pur Minerals Pur Polish, an amazing scrub for the face and body. For under eyes, use Clarins Skin Smoothing Eye Mask to instantly brighten and de-puff your eye area. – Jackie Gomez, celeb makeup artist (Beyonce, Zoe Saldana)

Lip Recovery:
Between holiday parties, we tend to forget about our lips and they need love too. June Jacobs has an awesome Lip Kit with a scrub, lip masque and a super hydrating Lip Renewal balm. – Jackie Gomez, celeb makeup artist (Beyonce, Zoe Saldana)

Dull Skin:
This is a dead giveaway for a night of holiday partying. 1 of 2 amazing products are my secret weapon: Peter Thomas Roth Complexion Correction Pads, which are 10% glycol, and immediately brighten tired skin, or Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask, which is a foaming mask that works like an oxygen facial. The key is renewing and reviving skin, so nobody has to know how late you were up or how much sleep you didn't get. – Joanna Simkin, celeb makeup artist (Nicki Minaj, Selita Ebanks)

Puffy Eyes:
Use a Cucumber and jello mix to tighten pores and puffy eyes. Blend a chilled cucumber in the blender and add 1 packet of Knox Gelatin. Carefully pack the pulpy mixture all over the face and around the eye area. Leave on 10 to 15 min. and rinse off. –Troy Jensen, celeb makeup artist (The Kardashians, Cameron Diaz)

Dull Complexions:
Brighten up by applying a cream or liquid highlighter at the top of the cheek bones, down the center of the nose, the inner corners of the eyes near the tear duct, and at the upper bow of the lip. Blend well and apply foundation or tinted moisturizer over it. The highlighter will glow through for a look that is like instant retouching! – Troy Jensen, celeb makeup artist (Kardashian's, Cameron Diaz)

Puffy Eyes:
Drink lots and lots of water.  Keep the body hydrated. It will help in the recovery process. Get plenty of rest, if you can. Be sure to remove all makeup and moisturize the face before bed. (La Mer Night crème is thick and works the best). The next morning, take two metal spoons (freeze them first) and apply them directly under your eyes to reduce swelling. Otherwise you can take a bowl of ice and apply directly to the face (aka Mommy Dearest – it really works). – Scott Barnes, celeb makeup artist (Jennifer Lopez, Kate Hudson)

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