Brow Resurrection: Above The Eye Revamp

Brow Resurrection: Above The Eye Revamp
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What does having bangs have to do with my eyebrows? Well, it means that sometimes I forget those arches are even there because they happen to be constantly covered by a layer of fringe. Until, that is, this summer when sweltering temperatures regularly forced my hair up and off my face, and left my unkempt, long, straggly brows exposed to the world. Needless to say, I began to pay much closer attention to them a task made easier by the recent opening of Browhaus. Sharing a space in Nolita with Strip, the hip Singapore-born chain has become a mecca for hair removal and grooming and they take eyebrows very seriously. Here, U.S. owner of Strip/Browhaus Ramon Padilla answers a few brow-related queries.

What are the top brow mistakes you see people coming in with?
Overplucked brows; people often don’t know when to stop you can take a hair out, but you can’t put it back in again. Another mistake we see a lot of are uneven or misshapen brows its difficult to get control of your shape when doing it in front of a mirror on oneself. And finally, of course, unshaped, messy brows people spend a lot of time on their hair, but brows are just as important.

I know you guys offer a brow rehab of sorts; what does that entail?
It is called Brow Resurrection. It is a signature treatment that reconstructs brows from root to tip. For brows that are sparse or lack definition, or brows that are over-plucked or unbalanced, the procedure is transformative: 3-D, lifelike brows like they’ve once had or never had before. A Singapore-trained specialist does a consultation with the client, then draws on a brow until the client is satisfied with the shape, thickness, color, etc. Then, the brow is created by hand, strand by strand, using a special tool and inks that do not change color over time. The resurrected brows last for two years.

How do you choose between tweezing, waxing, threading and sugaring for brow grooming? Are certain means better for certain people?
For a quick clean-up of brows, we recommend waxing or threading, which is especially popular amongst men who don’t want to alter the shape of their brows. Tweezing is used to create a shape after a consultation with the specialist to determine what is most beautiful given the shape of the client’s face and what her/his preference is. Our most popular service is a combination Thread + Tweeze, a marriage of two classics.

Any tips for how to trim your own brows?
Yes don’t do it! Unless of course you are also the type of person who cuts her own hair But if you must, less is more pluck to clean up, not to shape.

Anyone whose brows you would love to make over?
Id love to get my hands on Frida Kahlo, Martin Scorsese and the Mona Lisa

What about your favorite eyebrow icons?
Megan Fox, Zac Efron, Taylor Swift, Demi Moore, Jennifer Aniston, and Rihanna.
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And I added in my own personal favorite Brooke Shields!