Fashion Week Diary: Day 7 With StyleCaster’s Beauty Editor

Rachel Adler
Fashion Week Diary: Day 7 With StyleCaster’s Beauty Editor
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Follow along as I head backstage during day 7 of Fashion Week…we’ve almost made it through!

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This hairstyle from 3.1 Phillip Lim comes a bit later on in the day, but I wanted to start us off with something chic.

6:30 AM: Fight with myself about getting out of bed. My responsible side wins (duh) and I realize that THERE ARE ONLY TWO DAYS LEFT OF FASHION WEEK!!!!

7 AM: Head Uptown to Lincoln Center for Michael Kors backstage. I currently am carrying the world's heaviest bag and a camera fit for a pro, and the man next to me on the subway is way too close for my liking.

8 AM: Arrive at Lincoln Center before the sun has finished rising, but it's so pretty! And yes, I commute from Brooklyn, it takes this damn long.

8:05 AM: Head in to Michael Kors to chat with Orlando Pita about the hair for the day.

8:06 AM: Loving the beachy knots for the Kors show – I can actually do this with my hair!!!

8:15 AM: Makeup by Dick Page for Shiseido at Michael Kors – windburnt and gorgeous. Proceed to then get kicked out of the show (we overstayed our 15 minute welcome.)

8:53 AM: Greet Dee, SC's Fashion Assistant at the door of the office (she was locked out). Hello sunshine!

9:45 AM: Blake, our dapper videographer catches me on the way to the bathroom. Sorry boys, he's taken! (And sorry rest of the world, for almost flashing you.)

10 AM: Team meeting – even Fashion Week can't stop our weekly Wednesday get-together.

11:50 AM: Arrive at 3.1 Phillip Lim to find gorgeous chignons and flawless skin – and run into about five editor friends and all of my PR ladies from NARS and CND. I love backstage bonding time.

12 PM: Makeup artist Lisa Butler chats about her inspiration for the look – and the task of making the skin appear flawless and structured.

12:15 PM: Ran into Julia Sloan, executive director of global communications at NARS and Emily Hebert, beauty editor at and made them pose for my diary. That's what you get for being my friend guys :) Delirious at this point in the day – smiley faces make everything better.

12:17 PM: Loving this CND color called Asphalt. They added a shimmer effect for the show, but I'm going to be wearing it just the way it is.

12:30 PM: Passed by Mr. Lim himself on the way out. He makes me want to go out and buy a suede shirt. Or really anything suede –
he just looks so comfy.

12:31 PM: On second thought, maybe I just think everyone looks more comfortable because I'm on day seven of wearing heels and my feet are hating me?

12:32 PM: Then I run into my FAVORITE former JTM Taylor Droddy! (JTM means Junior Team Member, because we don't believe in the term "intern"). Janice Chou snaps our picture with one hand while emailing on her BlackBerry with the other. That girl can multitask like a pro.

1:20 PM: Made the journey to the middle of nowhere (otherwise known as 11th Avenue) for Marchesa. Discovered gorgeous hair accessories upon arrival.

1:35 PM: The Oriental inspired looks were amazing, and they're the perfect complement to the dresses that you know will be stunning works of art.

1:40 PM: Another gorgeous Marchesa accessory. And, clearly this shows that we're all going to have to push our topknots a bit higher for spring.

2:30 PM: Back at the office writing up some articles and got a visit from Franklin Bean, the office dog. Frankie didn't have much love for me though, she just wanted to eat flowers.

5:20 PM: Arrive at Proenza to find one of StyleCaster's favorite makeup artists, Angie Parker, doing makeup. We find ourselves in a conversation about green eyebrows (bleaching has become popular at shows this year and we're concerned for the models!)

5:40 PM: The makeup at Proenza is all about the flawless skin and contouring of the cheekbones with a bold brow to complete the look. Brows are back in a big way!

5:45 PM: Practically run into Frederic Fekkai backstage (yes, mildly embarassing) but I got a great photo op out of it.

5:50 PM: Paul Hanlon walks me through the "messy twist" he's creating for the show.

6 PM: Hanlon finishes the style by spraying hairspray in patches through a net against the hair. This is actually quite interesting to watch, because he has more energy than half of the room combined.

6:35 PM: Stare at all of the amazing looks that will soon be walking down the runway in lust. This sheer piece is definitely one of my favorites.

7 PM: Meet up with a friend for dinner at Teddy's in Prospect Heights, and then get to work. One more day of Fashion Week until sleep, blissful sleep.

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