Beauty Banter – How Can I Refresh My Face After A Long Night Out?



Dear Beauty Banter,
How do I make my face look fresh after a long party night?

Julia from Canada

Dear Julia,
First and foremost, try to identify the problem or possible problems: redness, blotchiness, puffiness, lack of color the list could go on and on. No matter what the problem, there is most likely a fix! But after a long night of fun, you wont have an extra 15 minutes to get yourself looking fresh for the day, so quickly evaluate what seems to be your biggest party night giveaway so that you can make sure to hide the evidence.

For redness:
Apply Cliniques Urgent Relief Creamkey word URGENT! This will help settle your skin and may be just enough to get you back on track.

For under eye troubles, including darkness, puffiness and deep lines:
Use Dior Sculpt Lifting Smoothing Concealer to mask under eye troubles and any blemishes that decided to surface for the morning after party. The wand makes it easy to maneuver and keep good control of placement.

For pink eyes:
I’m not talking about the infection. A rough night out can make your eyes look like you are in worse shape than you even think. Eye bright pencil by Benefit
is perfect for rimming the inside of your lash line to mask that discoloration that occurs with lack of sleep.

For a washed out face:
Dust Serge Lutens blusher along your cheeks and forehead to bring your skin back to life (or at least make it look like it is). It has the ultimate texture both silky and fine that adds natural color to the face without making you look like you are trying too hard.

Jenna Menard

Under the direction of world-class masters Pat McGrath, Dick Page and Tom Pecheux, Menard proved herself time and again during Fashion Week in New York, Paris and Milan. Traveling the world with mentor Dick Page, Menard’s personal career has thrived; her work has appeared in Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and Vanity Fair and she’s worked with celebrities such as Emily Blunt, Amy Ryan and Kate Winslet. Menard is currently the lead artist for both the Karen Walker and Willow runway shows.

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