Selena Gomez’s and Kate Hudson’s Hairstylists are Launching a Product Line

Selena Gomez’s and Kate Hudson’s Hairstylists are Launching a Product Line
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Co-owners of famed West Hollywood hair salon Nine Zero One, Riawa Capri and Nikki Lee, just launched a joint hair product line called In Common Beauty. If you haven’t heard of the dynamic duo before, you’re likely familiar with their famous clientele, which includes Kate Hudson, Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lawrence, Nina Dobrev, Ashlee Simpson and plenty more.

Here’s what you need to know about the newness. The first product, called MAGIC MYST, was revealed yesterday on Instagram. It is a “universal elixir,” according to the bottle, with ingredients like vitamin B3 and rose and lavender extracts.

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It can be used on damp or wet hair to enrich strands and speed up blow-dry time or used on dry hair to refresh and boost shine. It’s also a de-tangler and a heat protectant. (What can’t this product do?) For the name, the founders had the same mentality as with naming the salon.

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“[It’s about] taking away that perception of hoity-toity, high-end salons — we did that with Nine Zero One, and it’s the same with In Common,” Capri told Allure. She added, “The basis of In Common for us right now is a healthy treatment line.” In short: we all deserve to have healthy hair, and that’s a commonality between us all.

The lightweight lotion is going to be available for purchase in mid-November, but yesterday, Capri and Lee chose 50 people from their email list to receive before the public.