I’m taking a poll: blond or brunette?


Back in February 2009 I decided to go blond. If you need a refresher click here.This process had to be done in stages since my original hair color is shoe polish black.

It’s been almost one year and I’ve enjoyed being a blond. They definitely have more fun; it’s been my experience that guys are more willing to approach me with blond hair. But I gotta tell you, I miss my dark locks

Since going blond the texture of my hair has gone from silky to hay-like and the ends are constantly breaking. When I was dark I didn’t always have to bust out my Chi but now that I’m lighter, my hair is kinkier and a straightening iron is always needed when I’m getting ready.

With that being said, lighter on me is more practical since I do have A LOT of gray hair. How much is  A LOT you ask. I’m nearly 50% gray. Thank you mom and dad and you’re stellar genes! So you can imagine how much easier it is to mask gray hair as a blond as opposed to being a brunette. The gray patches stick out like sore thumbs and I get extremely self conscience.

On the OTHER hand, as a blond it’s harder to grow my hair out. The constant bleaching kills the ends and I always have to get trims. I was free to have long hair as a brunette.

So what to do? Part of me wants to wait until after Summer 2010 because I’ll be blond and tan but the other part of me is so impulsive I just want to make an appointment now to go back to dark. I am asking your opinion, dear reader, because if you’re reading DailyMakeover.com clearly you’re educated in beauty, fashion and hair styles and you know a thing or two about styling. So which to you prefer?

The original brunette Lisa:

Lisa Brunette.jpg
Or the new and improved and gray hair free blond Lisa:

Lisa  blonde.jpg

Your opinion matters! I want to hear what you have to say!


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