Iconic Makeovers of 2008: See the difference!

Megan McIntyre

These leading ladies made major waves with trend-setting cuts this past year.


Gwyneth Paltrow cut off more than 6 inches to create this shoulder-skimming bob. What makes it so special? The front pieces are slightly longer in the front.


Katie Holmes made her cropped shag one of the most-wanted hairstyles of 2008. Not only did this help her shed her sweet-as-cherry-pie image, but it’s the ultimate busy-mom style because it’s so low maintenance.


Rihanna rocks in her versatile crop. The nose-skimming long bangs can be styled in many ways, giving this short style lots of options.

Did you give yourself a major makeover this year? If so, who was your inspiration?

Now That’s A Makeover!