The Most Iconic Curly Hairstyles Ever

Wendy Rodewald
The Most Iconic Curly Hairstyles Ever
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While we love a sleek look on occasion, it's hard to deny that big, beautiful curls have made some of our most beloved pop stars and film icons even more engaging and charismatic. Where would Beyoncé be without her waves? Or Carrie Bradshaw without her coils? Here, we've rounded up the most memorable curly hairstyles of all time.

Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw

Thanks to Carrie's hair, Sex and the City was like a six season long inspiration board for curly girls everywhere.

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Bey has had many hairstyles through the years, but we'll always associate her with big, bold diva curls (maybe that's why her pixie cut didn't last).

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Taylor Swift

She may be more likely to wear her hair straight these days, but let's not forget how glorious Taylor Swift's natural curls are.

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Jennifer Gray

Nobody puts Baby's hair in a straightener.

Photo: © Getty Images

Julia Roberts

Julia is a Pretty Woman no matter what she does with her hair, but we happen to like her curls best.

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Diana Ross

She may have worn a wig during her time with the Supremes, but today Diana Ross's curls steal the spotlight.

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Noticing a pattern here? Fabulous curly hair is practically a prerequisite to being a pop diva.

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Nicole Kidman

In the '80s and late '90s, Nicole Kidman rocked some seriously pretty ringlets.

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Mariah Carey

All we want for Christmas is Mariah to bring back her curls.

Princess Merida in Brave

There's a reason the red haired princess is one of the first animated heroines with curly hair: technology had to catch up first. It took six Pixar engineers and artists more than three years to bring her ringlets to life.

Shirley Temple

Would the original child star have been as cute without her curls? We doubt it.

Photo: © Getty Images

Elizabeth Berkeley as Jessie Spano

The Saved By The Bell star's curls were the best at Bayside.

Photo: © Getty Images

Willy Wonka

We'll always prefer Gene Wilder's curly haired chocolatier to Johnny Depp's eerie flat ironed version.

Cher in Moonstruck

Cher's ebony curls were everything in this movie.

Darlene from Roseanne

Roseanne's wisecracking middle child had the best hair on the show.

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Mary Pickford One of the earliest silent film stars, Pickford was nicknamed "the girl with the curls."

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Keri Russell as Felicity

When she cut it all off in season 2, not only did we die a little inside, but the show’s ratings declined.

Donna Summer

We love to love the disco queen's curly hair. 

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The Guns N' Roses guitarist made curly hair and a top hat his thing.

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Kate Winslet in Titanic

Rose's cascading red curls were probably the most-watched ringlets of the '90s.

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