Here’s The Deal About The ‘Shockingly Soothing’ TikTok-Viral Ice Roller With 12,000 Perfect Ratings on Amazon

Summer Cartwright
Here’s The Deal About The ‘Shockingly Soothing’ TikTok-Viral Ice Roller With 12,000 Perfect Ratings on Amazon
Photo: Courtesy of TikTok.

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Curating your TikTok FYP to your exact taste takes a lot of time and effort. You’ve got to go through a lot of bad content to get to the good stuff that you actually like. But, once you arrive at that specialized spot where the algorithm seems to know you more than yourself, something happens. Either a creator you don’t know, a trend you can’t get out of your head or an item that you’ve never heard of seems to keep popping up. Again and again and again. For me, this product is an under-$20 ice roller from Amazon .

It all started a few months after I created my TikTok account. I’d casually see self-care vids that featured the funky-looking device, and think “that’s nice.” But then the frequency increased, and it seemed like every swipe I made would then result in a video featuring the ice roller front and center. I couldn’t escape it. Creators like @taylordonoghuee kept popping up on my screen, posting shockingly honest reviews about the thing.

And they all seemed to be positive.


Okay I’m actually obsessed with this ice roller

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“In the winter, I wake up with hands-down the worst puffiness,” Taylor explained in her post that now has more than 21,000 views. “I wanted to take matters into my own hands and try this out… I actually really like this. It’s so soothing . It feels so good.”

Think of a jade roller and combine that with the sensation you get rubbing an ice cube around your face. What? You can’t tell me that you haven’t done this on a hot summer’s day. That’s essentially what this ice roller gives you. A soothing and de-puffing experience that calms your skin while also hydrating it. If you’ve ever suffered from a zit that is redder than the color red itself, something like this can help tame it down and bring you skin back to life. Ice is honestly one of the things your skin could use the most. It reduces oiliness, gets rid of puffy under eyes and can even reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. So, when you combine those benefits with those of a jade roller—reducing inflammation and lymphatic draining—you get magic.

That must be why everyone on TikTok can’t stop talking about them.


One of my many “tiktok made me buy it”…. everyone needs an ice roller, just add it to your cart! #fyp #amazon #morningroutine #tiktokmademebuyit

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“I finally gave in and got myself an ice roller. I thought this was such a gimick-y item but oh my god, everybody needs this,” @nathaliemunozx3 admitted to her followers. “Like, seriously just add this to your cart .”

The one I see influencers and Average Joes using the most is an under-$20 roller from Amazon that has more than 12,000 perfect ratings . Reviewers say they use it for everything from calming their puffy under-eye skin to reducing the appearance of acne and wrinkles. The simple contraption has won the hearts of many since it’s so easy to use (just place it in the freezer before using it on your clean face, and roll it in an upwards fashion on your face, neck and chest).

ESARORA Ice Roller

Courtesy of Esarora.

“As soon as I began using this ice roller, I could feel the difference,” explained one reviewer. “I use it on my face and neck for fine lines and double chin. After about a week, the difference on my overall skin was incredible! The lines on my face are a lot smoother and my double chin is beginning to dissolve away. It feels so good and soothing on your skin, especially after a long day of air pollution and smog that can be harmful to your skin. I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants that ‘extra’ skin boost and needs some assistance in keeping their skin looking and feeling healthier!”

Another shopper explained: “It has changed my daily routine for the better. It has multiple uses that I have found to be extremely helpful for my eyes, headaches, and skin. First, this has improved the puffiness under my eyes tremendously. I have found myself struggling to get an adequate amount of sleep and waking up with major bags under my eyes. But keeping this product in either the fridge or freezer and rolling it under my eyes in the morning has helped the puffiness go down. Second, this has been a miracle for sinus headaches. Living in the Midwest, the winters are brutal and so are my sinus infections. This ice roller instantly relieves the pressure and pain I feel on my face from the infection. Lastly, my skin has transformed drastically since using this product. I have always struggled with irritating texture and large pores. Since I started using this, I noticed my pores have gotten noticeably smaller which makes the days of not wearing makeup that much better!”

So, yeah. TikTok was right. It made me buy it. And I would advise you to do the same.