True Story: I Let My Boyfriend Cut My Hair

boyfriendhaircut True Story: I Let My Boyfriend Cut My Hair

I’m what you could consider a little weird about getting haircuts. I know I should get regular trims to keep my hair healthy, but I just don’t like going through the process. I often compare them to regular doctor checkups, I know I should go for the visit—I might be healthier if I did—but is the money spent and time lost worth it?

My preferred salon visits are almost exclusively meant for real, dramatic chops. Rarely do I sit in that swivel chair and leave with less than six inches of hair chopped off. So, it’s hard for me to justify spending the same amount for a major cut as I would on a trim.

This has been a constant struggle over the years—from trying cheaper salons that have managed to screw up a simple, tiny trim to doing it myself and having a lopsided ‘do—I’ve become weary of seeking the ever important in-between cuts. Plus, I may have already spent the $100 I’ve set aside for my haircut on a new pair of boots – no regrets!

But, and I hate to admit this as a writer of all things beauty, I recently really needed a trim. Between the sun, flatiron and curling iron damage, multiple trips to the beach, and general laziness—sometimes I forget to deep condition my strands—I was desperately in need of a haircut.

I had just come to terms with this fact and was even considering shelling out the money for my go-to guy when tragedy struck. My hair salon was booked solid. Maybe it was the heat of the summer or the frigidness of my office, but I decided that I had a completely reasonable solution. It was staring right at me, literally, why hadn’t I thought of it?

What do I normally do when I come up against a situation that I don’t know how to handle? I turn to my most trusted confidant: my boyfriend.

Yes, this is the moment where I decided that my boyfriend cutting my hair was the best idea I’d ever had. Not only would this be a cost-cutting bonding experience, but I wouldn’t even have to leave the comfort of my own apartment. I could eat a sandwich while in my pajamas all while having my haircut. I had it all figured out! He even has all the tools to cut his own hair—important note, he’s an architect not a hairdresser so this is especially impressive.

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After what was one of the easiest conversations of my life: “Will you cut my hair?” “Of course,” we were ready to get started! I plopped a stool down in my bathroom and gave him minimal instructions: cut about an inch off and try to keep it mostly even. After a couple minutes of “getting into character” which included walking all around me slowly and standing with his legs very wide and his hand on his chin and saying “hmmm” a lot, he got started.

Mostly I zoned out, not because I didn’t trust him but that’s what happens to me when I get a haircut. I did manage to write down a couple gems that he said mid-cut. After his first snip he exclaimed, “Wow that was a straight line.”

I may have started second guessing my life decisions at that point. I kept asking him how he was doing on the back of my head and he replied, “Yeah the inners they’re hard to get. They’re pesky little buggers back here.” The “inners” were simply the layer of hair closest to my neck. I have fairly thick hair and he had never noticed this before.

hillarymcdaniels True Story: I Let My Boyfriend Cut My Hair

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Once he was done I asked him just to check to make sure that both sides were even. And that is when he truly shined, “If your head is perfectly symmetrical then the distance each side passes the prime meridian of your head is equal, then it is even.” I honestly don’t know what that was supposed to mean or what the “prime meridian” of my face is—my nose maybe?

When all was said and done he did an impressive job. I even got compliments from friends and co-workers. And, everyone seemed completely shocked that I would allow such a personal experience to happen with my boyfriend. Or maybe they were shocked I’d let an untrained professional that close to my face with scissors, who’s to say?

It’s been a couple days and just like with any new haircut I’m finally getting the styling down and figuring out how to take advantage of my new short length. My hair feels so fresh, healthy and happy–it was the easiest haircut I’ve ever had to sit through, in the comfort of my own home. And yes, we are still dating!

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