I don’t give a pluck!


It happens all the time. I will be doing a consultation in the salon with a guest. Suddenly she will lean forward and look closely at herself in the mirror. With a wild fervor and calculated accuracy, she will reach up and do the unthinkable to a bald colorist, she will pluck a gray. I always gently remind them that is completely against the rules of the game to voluntarily pull out their hair in front of a bald man.

So what is it? Is plucking gray hair a pastime or an outright obsession? Does it allow you to hang on to a false belief that you really aren’t turning gray? Is it a physical battle – a way to fight the good fight -against gray? Or is it really a plan to torture those of us who do not have the luxury of plucking?

What about the old wives tale (is that an offensive phrase?) about gray hair and plucking. The one that proclaims for every gray you pluck you will grow two (or ten depending on which old wife is telling the tale) will grow in its place. Unfortunately, this is not true. If it were true, I would have a full head of meticulously plucked and re-grown hair.

Everyone’s got their own reason…What’s yours? LMK

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