‘Hunger Games’ Hairstylist Comments on Katniss’ Many Braids

Amanda Elser

Two new images from The Hunger Games have been released recently and both feature different versions of Katniss’ famous braid.

Linda Flowers, lead hairstylist on set, dishes on what she wanted to achieve when she was styling Katniss’ braid and how the style was incorporated into other key scenes in the film.

How did you decide on Katniss’ side braid style?
I thought about her character’s reality—she’s a hunter who is active and very physical. So I wanted something easy that an athlete would wear and most importantly wouldn’t get in the way of her bow and arrow. That’s how I decided on the side braid. I also wanted the braid to be visible from all camera angles, so I had it start on the left side of her head and wove it around to the right

Will braids be part of Katniss’ signature style?
Yes, during the scene when she rides a chariot in the Capitol wearing the dress that’s on fire, we mixed in ten different plait styles into her updo. It was like a head dress of braids!


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Image via ew.com

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