“Human Barbie” Tries To Convince Anderson 15-Year-Old Daughter Needs Botox

Rachel Adler

Sarah Burge, the woman known to many as the “Human Barbie” due to her Guinness Book of World Record amount of plastic surgeries, was kicked off of Anderson Cooper’s show the other day after simply disgusting him. Burge was discussing the fact that she gives her now 15-year-old daughter Botox in order to not sweat, something that Cooper was informing her was completely unnecessary, and obviously not appropriate.

If you recognize Burge’s name, it’s because she came under fire years ago when she gifted her then 8-year-old daughter with plastic surgery “coupons” for her birthday. At the time, she insisted that the coupons were to be saved for when she was of legal age to use them.

Now, she’s claiming that since her daughter is saying that she doesn’t want to sweat on stage when she performs (she’s a dancer) Burge would rather oversee her daughter’s Botox than have her take matters into her own hands. Cooper of course brings up the fact that many big performers such as, hm, Beyonce have no problem sweating on stage — it’s part of the job — but Burge simply thinks that Botox is the answer.

Seeing as he isn’t going to get anywhere with this guest, Cooper simply tells her that he finds her “dreadful” and dismisses her from the show. Later, Cooper spoke with his crew explaining his actions, noting that, “I got the feeling that this was about publicity for her. I regret having her on in the first place and I regret how things ended. It didn’t seem like an honest discussion.”

Obviously when you’re dealing with a person known as the “Human Barbie” you’re going to be faced with someone who simply wants publicity, but I would only hope that someone (a friend, relative, etc.) would see these pieces of news and reach out to the daughter and let her know 15 is way too young to be messing with Botox.

What do you think of what Cooper did? Was he right to dismiss her from the show? Do you agree that she simply is after publicity?

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