Huda Kattan’s New Office Is Stuffed With Every Makeup Product Imaginable: EXCLUSIVE

Elizabeth Denton
Huda Kattan’s New Office Is Stuffed With Every Makeup Product Imaginable: EXCLUSIVE
Photo: Huda Beauty.

In the beauty world, especially in the Middle East, Huda Kattan is a boss. The makeup-artist-turned-entrepreneur launched her namesake brand, Huda Beauty, back in 2013 and has been a dominating force in the industry since. To solidify her beauty boss status, Kattan released an office tour of her Dubai space in total MTV Cribs style. She takes her fans, all 37 million of them on Instagram, through her eclectic office that shows off her bright and colorful personality.

“I love collecting beautiful pieces and showcasing memorabilia, so there’s a lot here,” explains Kattan of the ultra-fun office some may call cluttered. “But I absolutely love it! I spend more time here than I do at home, we all do! Nour loves coming here—she always sets up in an area and does her homework. This definitely is more than just an office, it’s an extension of me and my home.”

She’s talking about the Judith Leiber keepsakes, Chanel matryoshka dolls and pretty much every makeup product you can imagine, sorted in plastic containers and scattered throughout her office. It’s a dream come true for a makeup lover. “I basically buy every single product that launches in the entire world,” Kattan says in the video.

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Image: YouTube.

Girl is not kidding. Kattan’s office isn’t just about beauty, though. She also takes us through some emotional mementos she keeps close by, like a photo she took with her now husband back when they were just 20 years old. It’s pretty incredible to see how far she’s come and inspiring for budding entrepreneurs. “Don’t listen to all the B.S. out there, the people who doubt you,” she says.

Check out the entire office tour, below.

It’s drool-worthy.