Time Will Only Tell if Huda Beauty Skincare is ‘Life Changing’

Elizabeth Denton
Time Will Only Tell if Huda Beauty Skincare is ‘Life Changing’
Photo: Huda Beauty.

Huda Kattan is building an empire. She has her own name on thousands of items of makeup, lashes and even fragrances. And that empire now could include Huda Beauty skincare, as in, her own line and not a review of another brand’s products (which she does so well). She shared the news via her Instagram stories, writing: “New skincare line coming…the products have changed my life.” It’s a big statement from the beauty mogul.

Fans are speculating what the products could be. Is it a collaboration with another brand or did she develop something entirely on her own? Many are wondering if it will be a line for acne (which Kattan seems to have none of) or maybe lines and wrinkles since she revealed recently she “dissolved” her face fillers to achieve a more natural look.

“I think it’s really important to celebrate flaws. But first our goal is to create a look,” she told Cosmopolitan UK about initially getting fillers. “Then hopefully we’ll get people to embrace more and more of who they are, slowly but surely.”

There’s also the fact that Kattan has beautiful skin but she also has access to the best dermatologists and estheticians in the world that’s causing some side-eyes about her “life-changing” claims. When beauty Instagram account Trendmood posted the news, many were quick to call out Kattan’s use of makeup and filters to speak about skincare.

Maybe she’ll launch a skincare line and surprise everyone with how much it transforms their skin. Time will tell and we’ll, of course, be trying it out as soon we can get our hands on it.