HP Goes Girly


Go-go gadget, helicopter! Go-go gadget, extending robot arms! Go-go gadget…personal makeup computer?

HP has created a conceptual mock-up of something that resembles a combination of every dream I had as a little girl (the ones that didn’t involve My Little Pony, anyway), and a computer that would have made Judy Jetson’s dating life a whole lot easier.

Designed by Nikita Buyanov, the Barbie-pink laptop would potentially have an on-nail printing device (could it do The Minx?), a mirror mode, and a pop-out makeup tray. I want to put it on my birthday list and throw a temper tantrum if I don’t get it. I want to save up all my babysitting money, and forgo trips to the mall for weeks and weeks on end. Also in the works are an HP Perfume, HP Fitness, and an HP Chameleon. Could this be the best thing since Polly Pocket?


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