Thakoon F/W 2010 Makeup: Watch The Video Tutorial To Get The Look!

Rachel Adler

We’ve heard time and time again that one of the biggest trends this fall will be an au natural look. Although it would appear as if this trend would be both a relief to our wallets and our makeup skills we were wrong. Not only do we have to have flawless skin, nude lips and a “greige” eye, but we have to pull it off so that it looks like we just rolled out of bed. Not so easy…

Angie Parker, one of the makeup artists who worked backstage alongside lead NARS makeup artist Diane Kendal at the Fall/Winter 2010 Thakoon show, demonstrated for us how to get the model’s flawless nude makeup. Watch the video above for her tips!

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Step 1:
Lightly brush a combination of foundation and concealer on your face.

Step 2: Sweep a pale base shadow from your crease to your brow.

Step 3: Apply a luminescent shadow (Angie used Tzarine shadow from NARS) from the corner of your eye to your brow.

Step 4: Sweep a deep brown shadow along the top and bottom lash line.

Step 5: Fill your brows softly with a brush for a bolder look if needed.

Step 6: Curl your lashes and apply mascara to finish the eyes.

Step 7: Highlight the cheeks along the contour of the face (Angie used Douceur Blush from NARS) and blend.

Step 8: Brush translucent powder over your skin for a matte finish.

Step 9: Blot nude lipstick and a dab of gloss for a nude lip.

Videography: Blake Martin
Editing: Jeff Sousa