How To Get A Sexy Bedhead Bun

Rachel Adler

The next couple of months add up to a blur of sweaty summer days and evenings of trying to leave work early to meet up with your friends at any outdoor locale. Making it to work the next day looking fresh and ready for anything is a task that we all have to face, and some days pose harder than others.

Whether you had your hair in curls the night before or you’re going out and need to skip the shower (but keep the matte appearance), we’re loving the bedhead bun. Freelance hair stylist, Mauricio Cifuentes, shows us how to pull our hair into a messy, sexy updo. Follow the hairstyle tips below to get it yourself, or book an appointment with Mauricio so he can help you out.

Step 1:

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Apply GHD Fat Hair Lotion and Sea Spray for Matte Waves to hair to achieve a matte look.

Step 2:

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Dry quickly with a blow dryer to activate the products.

Step 3:
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Curl the hair with a curling iron. Depending on how much body you want you can use a 3 inch. iron or a 1/2 inch iron for a longer lasting wave.

Step 4:

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Brush out the curls lightly with a brush.

Step 5:
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Pull hair to the side of your head and wrap into a low bun twisting it up with hair clips to secure in place.

Step 6:
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Pull strands from the front and twist around the bun loosely and secure. Spray with hairspray to finish!

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All images courtesy of Joey D’Arco of StyleCaster

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