Halloween Makeup Tutorial: One-Up Your Friends As The Red Queen

Rachel Adler

Halloween is all about decisions for us girls where to go, who to see, and most importantly, whether to be the slutty cat or the semi-slutty ghost. This year, we want to take your costumes up a notch (to impress your dates of course) and we brought in the top talents to help you do so. In the tutorial video above, Gina Bettelli, Senior Artist for M.A.C Cosmetics demonstrates how to get a full face of Alice In Wonderland’s Red Queen makeup. Watch the video and follow the steps below to get the look!

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Step 1:
Hide your eyebrows with a special effect adhesive.
Step 2: Press concealer over your eyebrow and down into your eyelid.
Step 3: Sweep a white paint over the skin with a blush brush.
Step 4: Set the white makeup with a white powder.
Step 5: Add in a subtle contour into the cheekbones.
Step 6: Trace the lines for the blue eye shadow with white liner.
Step 7: Fill in the stencil for the blue shadow.
Step 8: Trace the top of the blue shadow for a thin black brow.
Step 9: Apply a few coats of black mascara.
Step 10: Build up the white on the lips into a sheer white layer.
Step 11: Use a fine tip brush to paint a heart on the lips.
Step 12: Add a light black dot on the cheekbone for a finishing touch.

Blake Martin, Videography
Pascal Troemel, Editor