Get Olivia Palermo’s 70s Glam Look

Rachel Adler

Adding a bit of edge and 70s rockstar glam to Olivia Palermo’s look for our Limelight editorial, hairstylist Rutger van der Heide was inspired by the loose style of British singer Marianne Faithfull, and mimicked her iconic eye-grazing bangs while styling the look. He then aimed to give Olivia a covetable soft texture to her hair, and to do this he first applied Tigi Superstar Queen For A Day Spray to dry hair and randomly brushed sections across the scalp and twisted them one by one across the barrel of the curling iron.

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To finish off the look he applied a dry wax from Bumble and Bumble called sumotech and a bit of LOreal Elnett Hairspray. These steps are a big part of Rutgers secret to holding texture in your hair, which is the products you use and how you use them. He said that the Tigi spray, which is applied to dry hair does what every woman doesnt actually want their hair to look like, making it all dry from being at the beach all day, but it gives it firmness at the same time. Then when heat is added to it the hair becomes soft again. Most girls don’t realize they need to add that key component: heat.

Makeup artist Keiko Hiramoto complimented the 70s inspired hair with neutral shadows on the eye. She wanted to give a rockstar effect, so she added a bit of shine on the eyelid with a shimmery Chanel beige shadow, and topped it off with a gloss to glam it up. Keiko also rimmed the eyes with black liner and flicked the liner down a bit connecting it underneath the eye. She completed the look with a beige lip to pull it all together.

Photographer: Seiji Fulimori
Makeup: Keiko Hiramoto, Bryan Bantry
Hair: Rutger, See Management