Dry Style Your Way To Better Hair


Short on time when your do is in desperate need of re-doing? Whether youre trying to squeeze in a pre-date workout, or have garnered a last minute invite to fabulousness, dry styling is the answer to your hair prayers. The concept of dry styling is to change your look without having to go through the whole wash-and-blow-dry regimen, says NYC-based hairstylist Antonia Troiano, and depending on your hair type, all you need to make the hair magic happen on the quick are a few products, a thermal tool and the stylists simple steps:

For fine hair that needs a lift: Matte Paste
joico 4 486 width
Put down the brushes and blow dryer! All fine-haired ladies need to go from limp to luscious instantly is a matte paste (Troiano loves Joico Design Collections Molding Putty). Use a dime size amount of the product and emulsify in your hands. Work the paste through the mid-lengths and ends of your hair and the result is a voluminous and beachy textured look.

For thick hair with a lackluster blowout: Moroccan Oil + Hairspray
moroccan oil 1 486 width
To refresh a days-old do that has been blown straight, start by applying Moroccan Oil from the mid-lengths to the ends of hair. Tame hairline frizz that may have accumulated over the course of your blowout by applying hairspray at the re-growth area and smooth down with the palms of your hands (Troiano prefers hairspray over serums which can leave hair looking greasy). Shine and luster restored!

For post-workout hair: Dry Shampoo + Blow Dryer
orlando pita 3 486 width
While no one would suggest you skip the showers entirely after a sweat session at the gym, you can certainly skip the re-wash on your tresses. Apply either a dry shampoo (Troianos favorite is T3 Dry Shampoo by Orlando Pita) or hairspray at the re-growth area. Flip your head over and hit hair with a blow dryer. When you flip hair back up, twist random large sections back away from your face while blowing them with the hottest, lowest setting on your blow dryer. The low speed setting and loose twisting motion will help you avoid frizz and leave your pre-workout blowout looking banging.

For long, straight hair in need of some Bridget Bardot body: Dry Shampoo + Blow Dryer + Curling Iron
For those times when your hair is looking blah and you need it looking bombshell in less than 10 minutes, start by spraying a little dry shampoo at the re-growth area. Flip your head over and blast the re-growth area with a blow dryer while massaging your scalp. Section hair into 3 sections the crown, middle, and nape and using a 1 ceramic curling iron, curl all 3 sections back away from your face. When youre done, flip your head upside down one more time, shake hair out, and flip it back up. Soft, sexy waves from straight and sans lift in three simple steps? Yes, please!