Chip-Free Nail Polish! 3 Steps To Get You There


Shakira, caught red-handed with a chipped mani. Photo: George Pimental, WireImage

Ever given yourself a manicure and just couldnt figure out why an annoying chip appeared in it the next day? Well, I have plenty of ideas as to how you got it (these things happen from the smallest, most banal of tasks and activities such as typing) but that probably wont help you to prevent it from happening in the future that is, unless you’re going for the bad-ass chipped look.

One would think that a former beauty editor such as myself would be disqualified from this whole chipped nail business, but alas, Im not. However, I am at quite the advantage in that I can go and interview some of the top nail gurus in the polish business and ask them what the heck gals like us should do in order to prevent the chipping. Here are the top 3 tips they gave me on how to keep your mani looking fresh and chip-less:

Before polishing your nails with anything make sure that they are clean, dry and clear of all old nail polish. Why? Because residue on the nails will prevent the base coat from adhering. Dana Caruso, beauty expert for Sally Hansen reiterated, “One of the most common oversights in properly preparing for a long-lasting manicure is the simple step of washing your hands and nails thoroughly with warm soapy water before a polish application,” she said. “The soap provides an extra level of hydration as it removes remaining oil and debris from the natural nail plate which could potentially interfere with polish adhesion.” So don’t be afraid to give your nails a little bit of soapy TLC before putting on the polish.

I must confess that I always tend to forget the base coat, so I just had to find out why its needed. Essie Weingarten, Founder and Global Creative Director for Essie Cosmetics advises that “The base coat acts like a foundation for nails and will help the polish to stick properly in its place.”

Makes total sense, right?! I mean, you wouldnt create a makeup look for your face without foundation, so why not apply this same reasoning to your nails? Applying topcoat onto your nails right after polishing them and additionally every other day will increase your chances of avoiding those nonsensical chips and keep your nails looking nice and shiny. (Well, unless youre using a matte polish. In that case you should look for a special top coat specifically for matte nails.)

Cuticle creams and oils are your nail’s best friends. Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI’s Vice President & Artistic Director says that this stuff will “help to keep your nails and cuticles in good shape.” It also helps to strengthen your nails and having a strong nail base will help you to keep color on longer (chip-free, of course!)

Now, go ahead and add these top tips into your beauty regimen and Im pretty sure that youll start to see less chipping in your polish sooner than you thought.