Avatar Makeup Tutorial: Get The Na’vi Look For Halloween

Rachel Adler

With so many choices for Halloween costumes this year (Gaga, Guidos, and Ghosts – oh my!) choosing what you’re going to be is a bit tricky. Once you have your costume of choice, you then have to be able to pull it off with style because nothing is worse than looking like a dumpy sheet.

To ensure that you’re one of the cool kids on All Hallows’ Eve, we’ve gotten Gina Bettelli from M.A.C Cosmetics to show us how to get the look of the Na’vi from Avatar. Watch the video and grab some friends to create your own version of Pandora.

103674 1287583479 Avatar Makeup Tutorial: Get The Navi Look For Halloween

Step 1: Apply a high def cyan paint stick over the skin.
Step 2: Contour the cheeks, under the nose and brows with a darker blue paint stick.
Step 3: Sweep a marine blue paint over the top lip and fill in the cyan paint stick over the bottom lip.
Step 4: Elongate the shape of the lip with eyeshadow.
Step 5: Create stripes along the side of the face with eyeshadow.
Step 6: Use a Q-tip and shimmer pigment to add white freckles across skin.
Step 7: Define the lid with a high def cyan color to start creating the Avatar eye.
Step 8: For the lower lash, trace the bottom lash line with cyan and trace the top of the crease with a royal blue. Fill in the lid with a pale yellow.
Step 9: To create a pupil, draw a semi-circle and fill it in with a liquid liner.
Step 10: Place a gold pigment on top to get the Avatar eye color and fill in the whites of the eye with a white acrylic paint. Shade the lid with a deep contrast shadow to finish.