Androgynous Beauty: Get The Natural Look

Rachel Adler

Photo: Yossi Michaeli

Going for an androgynous feel, Deanna Melluso kept the makeup very basic, with light foundation and a variety of grays for the eyes. Sweeping a gray wash of shadows from the crease up towards the brow bone, Melluso left the lashes bare. 107520 1292436920 Androgynous Beauty: Get The Natural Look

Mixing a touch of moisturizer with Laura Mercier concealer, she covered up any blemishes, aiming for very light, flawless coverage and topped off the lips with Cle de Peau Beaute Ivory gloss, for an overall washed out look.

Hairstylist Anthony Campbell added to this look by consistently saturating the hair with water which was very much on trend this past Spring 2011 season. He wanted to do a look that was wet but still had texture, so instead of using products to achieve that, he wet the models strands with a spray bottle of water after each take. If we used oil it would have gotten all over the clothes sometimes you just have to go natural for a look, said Campbell.

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