50s Girl: Get The Beauty Look

Rachel Adler

Drawing influence from the scenic woods in upstate New York, hairstylist Shannon Wall created a 50s inspired style for the three models. Using a 1-inch curling iron, Shannon wound the models’ hair around the iron and set the curls to cool. 105146 1289495306 50s Girl: Get The Beauty Look

Brushing the hair gently out, she then added Wella Volumizing Mousse and Wella Ocean Sprizz for volume, advising that to get the look, you must make sure the hair is dry, and try not to put anything too heavy in the hair in order to keep volume in your hair all day.

To complete the 50s look, makeup artist Deanna Melluso added a strong red lip to each of the models. To make the lip last all day, she advises using a lip liner to fully line the lip and finish by adding a bit of Chapstick over it so that it doesnt crack or cake up; then blot!

Photo: Andrew Stinson