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11 Halloween Makeup Tutorials That Look Pro — but Aren’t Insanely Difficult

And there's not one black cat in the bunch.
11 Best (and Easy) Halloween Makeup Tutorials

We’re going to go out on a limb here and bet that you’ve gone down the Halloween makeup tutorial shame spiral at least once or twice. You know what we’re talking about. You spend hours upon hours combing the internet to find a makeup tutorial that looks awesome, only to end up with a pile of tissues covered in black eyeshadow and your own tears. For some reason, beauty bloggers seem to think that we’re capable of pulling off makeup artist level looks—but if that were true, why would we even need a tutorial in the first place?

But don’t fret; there is a world out there of ridiculously pretty, sexy, and yes, a little creepy, Halloween makeup tutorials that even mere mortals (provided you’ve used makeup at least a few times in your life before) can create at home. And yes, we rounded up the best of them for you, because we care about your face. Keep scrolling to check out our favorites.

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Because sometimes, a full-faced skeleton is just too much skeleton. The major plus of this look: automatically sculpted cheekbones, thanks to the way the lines are drawn.


Harley Quinn

Alright, you’re probably going to be Harley Quinn anyway this Halloween—just accept it; it’s fine—so you might as well have really legit-looking makeup to go with the costume.


Soft, Cuddly Bear

Bear onesie not included, but the adorable black button nose most definitely is.


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But, like, a sexy leopard, as all Halloween leopards inherently have to be. Luckily, this one is pretty damn easy to create, regardless of your abilities.


Trippy Double-Vision Makeup

If you stare at this look too long, your eyes genuinely start to hurt (which might be the hallmark of a good costume?). Some steady hands and relatively OK drawing abilities required.



A tutorial that (thankfully) takes the basic vampire costume to a different level, thanks to the blood-red shadows and scratch-marked eyes.


Pop-Art Comic Book Makeup

Pop-art costumes can seem daunting, but they’re actually pretty easy to create, once you get the hang of the dotting. Plus, one of these four looks will definitely match your skill level, so don’t fret.

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Hovering Head

As long as you’ve got some black and white eyeliners and black body paint, you can absolutely create this hollowed neck look without an art degree. Just make sure to spend the night in dark corners, where the finished look will seem most convincing.



If all aliens looked adorable like this, the world probably wouldn’t be as terrified of their existence. Required: Two types of green eyeshadow, though, so plan ahead.



Yeah, yeah, yeah—at least four people you know will probably be a deer this Halloween, but with this insanely cute, Disney-esque deer tutorial, you’ll actually stand out from the pack. We promise.


Faux Masquerade Mask

Sure, you can wear a mask all night (which you will promptly take off 20 minutes into the night, because ugh, annoying), or you can paint one on with some liquid liner.

Originally posted October 2016. Updated September 2017.


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