7 Ways to Wear Glitter Nail Polish Like an Adult

Alle Connell

If you’re anything like us, you have a long-term love affair with glitter makeup—but once you no longer have “-teen” at the end of your age, it can be hard to figure out to wear it in an elegant, adult way. Nowhere is this more obvious than when it comes to how to wear glitter nail polish; get it right, and you have a supremely sparkly manicure you’re proud to show off. Get it wrong, and you feel like a 12 year old high on refined sugar and running loose in Claire’s.

But fear not—it is possible to wear glitter nail polish like a grown-ass woman. Here are 7 inspirational ways to embrace sparkle and look chic doing it.

The best way to wear glitter nail polish like a grown woman? Don’t cover the entire nail with it. The geometric polish shape here contrasts beautifully with the round glitter and makes the sparkle look chic, not overdone.


If you’re not really a “less is more” kind of girl, layering your glitters is a luxe polish option. The secret? Layering different sized glitter overtop one another. Here, the purple base is covered with a coat of fine, square-shaped glitter, then the tips are covered in sparkles that are larger and circular-shaped. Definitely inspirational!

A fresh way to get into the sparkly spirit? Applying gold glitter at the base of the nail, rather than at the tip. Bonus points for the clean winter white base!

Minimalist beige polish with a simple star sequin glued near the base of two fingers? Festive perfection.

If you’re feeling really flossy (yep, we’re bringing this word back), why not try a sparkly take on a negative space manicure? A base of fine gold glitter and opaque black polish overtop makes for a sleek, gorgeous manicure. (If you’re a major manicure fan, you owe it to yourself to check out Clara’s Instagram—she’s truly incredible.)

And if you’re not about the sequin life? Sleek white ‘sparkles’ over nude nails (in the style of cartoons) could be the spangly, spare nail art for you.

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