The Right Way to Wear Bold Matte Lipstick in the Summer

Rachel Krause
How to wear bold lipstick in summer


We live and die by our favorite matte lipsticks: They’re the ultimate for creating an effortless statement look in a flash. In fact, on our worst days, we just throw on a bright matte shade and run out the door. That doesn’t change the fact that matte lips are generally thought of as a fall and winter staple, whereas sheer stains and glosses are meant for the warmer months. Screw the rules—here’s how to master the art of how to wear bold lipstick in summer.

Make sure your lips are properly moisturized.
A good canvas is important for all lipstick looks, but it’s critical when it comes to matte formulas, as they’re far less forgiving than their more reflective cousins—mattes will latch onto even the slightest suggestion of dryness or chapping, so proper exfoliation and hydration is a must. Layering matte lipstick directly on top of balm will negate the matte finish you’re after in the first place, so it’s ideal to either exfoliate and load up on balm the night before or plan ahead to give the moisture some time to sink in.

Choose a seasonally appropriate color.
If you’re comfortable wearing deep, bold fall lip colors in the summer, more power to you—but in our opinion, the easiest, least terrifying way to sport bold matte lipstick in the summer is by opting for summery shades. Vivid corals, fuchsias, and poppy reds are some of our favorites, as they’re some of the best for brightening up the complexion, and they look good on pretty much everyone.

Keep the rest of your face fresh.
Summer is definitely not the time to load up on the foundation or eye makeup, but when you’re wearing a bold matte lip, it’s all the more reason to keep the rest of your face as low-key and “natural” as possible. A lightweight foundation or tinted moisturizer, a bit of perfecting concealer, a sweep of blush, and some mascara (if you want to!) is really all you need to nail the look.

Embrace the glow.
Oily-skinned girls, rejoice: matte lipstick is the perfect counterpoint to “glowy” summer skin, and by glowy we mean maybe just a little bit sweaty. A velvety lip look pretty much calls for a complexion that has some radiance to it, lest your entire face look a little one-dimensional. Skip the powder, and don’t freak when that midday shine emerges—just have some blotting papers on hand to keep things in check.

Dress it up for night.
Bold matte lips are best worn as the focal point of a daytime summer statement look, but once the sun goes down, a look that’s a little bit more “done” becomes fair game. We love the look of a bright matte lip paired with a slick cat eye, or even a metallic liner that complements your eye color and complexion. A bright pink lip and a thin line of shimmery gold liner? Yes, please.

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