This Simple Face-Washing Hack Is Pure Genius

Lauren Caruso
face washing This Simple Face Washing Hack Is Pure Genius


Let me begin by saying I haven’t truly washed my face in well over two years—at least, not in the traditional sense. Instead, I use micellar water and a cotton ball to wipe off the day’s makeup, but that’s not because I’m totally lazy—I employ an exhaustive eight-step nighttime skin-care routine—but because I really, really hate the mess that comes with turning the sink on. Just the thought of water running down my elbows is enough to make me furrow my brow.

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But, like all of life’s biggest challenges, Reddit has the answer: In a thread about beauty hacks, user NimetonTytto said she puts hair scrunchies—the same old school ones you proudly wore in 1997—around your wrist to “prevent elbow drippage.” Now, you have a new reason to break out the neon hair accessory you definitely saved from fourth grade and you don’t have to deal with the inordinately large puddle of water that inevitably accumulates around your sink/on your floor after washing your face for exactly two minutes.  GENIUS.