How to Use Your Flat Iron for Waves and Curls

How to Use Your Flat Iron for Waves and Curls
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Sure, sure, you know all the possible ways to use a flat iron already, right? You’ve been around the flat-iron block a time or two; you didn’t just try your first CHI straightener yesterday, thank you very much. We know. And we don’t doubt that you’re an expert at straightening your hair or doing a basic beach wave with the flick of your wrist, but we want to introduce you to a new class of waves and curls. The kind that don’t look like limp sausages half of the time, or scream “I was made with a flat iron!” at people on the street.

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Yes, they’re possible, and they’re actually pretty easy to create…provided you watch the tutorials and have used a straightener at least once in your life. Below, three why-didn’t-I-think-of-that tutorials to help you master fantastic hair, every single time.

THE LOOK: Realistic beach waves

If your hair already dries into perfect beachy waves, then congrats! You’re lucky. Now go away. If not, here’s how hairstylist Nicci Welsh creates her signature “scandi” waves, which involves tapping your flat iron over zig-zagged pieces of hair to create flat S-waves.


THE LOOK: Perfectly spiraled curls

Flat-iron curls almost always look like, well, flat-iron curls: flat, smushed, or crimped. Beauty vlogger Kayley Melissa’s curls are smooth and voluminous, thanks to her trick of weaving sections of hair between and around the flat iron.


THE LOOK: Tight, crimped waves

No, these won’t look like the time you took a crimper to your hair in 6th grade, but they will look tight and natural, as if you slept in a bunch of tiny braids for two days. If you have silky smooth hair that can’t hold a wave for longer than an hour, try out Live Love Glam’s tricks for stay-all-day waves.

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