5 Genius Uses for Eye Cream to Try Immediately

Natasha Burton
how to use eye cream

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We all know that eye cream is essential for keeping the delicate skin around under our eyes looking fresh and youthful. But did you know that eye cream is also a total multi-tasker? It’s true: you can use this daily skin care staple in multiple ways that far exceed the bounds of it’s normal purpose. And because we are nothing if not thorough in our quest for product excellence, we asked the experts for their tips on the best uncommon uses for eye creams.

“I love having products around that work double-duty, and eye cream has a wide array of uses that will help moisturize, replenish and even rejuvenate your skin,” says Dr. Jill Waibel, owner of the Miami Dermatology and Laser Institute.

And she’s not the only one: Makeup artist Tomy Rivero agrees. For optimal double-duty use, he suggests being aware of the formula: “Some are made to plump and smooth the skin in preparation for concealer, however ones with alcohol and caffeine ingredients are used to drain and tighten the eye area. This is the opposite of why you would want to use you eye cream anywhere else in the face,” he says. “Look for products with the words ‘hydrating, plumping, and smoothing’ for best results.”

Once you have the right product in hand, here are five new uses for your eye cream you can start using right now.

 1. To smooth the lines between your eyebrows

While you’re using eye cream under your eyes, also pad some of the leftover product to smooth out fine lines between your brows, Rivero suggests. Bye bye to those angry-looking 11s between our brows!

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 2. To adjust your concealer’s texture

“I love mixing in a bit of eye cream with cream concealers,” Rivero says. “It makes the product creamier and smoother.” Adding in some eye cream can also help cut down on creasing and can prolong wear, he adds, something that’s totally crucial in summer.

 3. To smooth your cuticles

Eye cream on our hands? That’s right! Waibel notes that the extra-hydrating properties of eye cream can be a “a great way to moisturize the cuticle area when the cuticles are dry or damaged.” Next time you’re tempted to pick at that hangnail, reach for the eye cream instead—your hands will really thank you!

 4. To hydrate your lip line. 

Whether it’s from drying products or too much fun in the sun, if your lip line is super dry, Rivero says to mask it with your favorite hydrating eye cream. “It will work better and faster than a waxy Chapstick and infuses time released hydration,” he explains. Goodbye dry skin; hello perfect lip liner!

 5. To create an instant glow.

“If you feel like your foundation is not looking as radiant as it could and you want a pick-me-up, dab a very thin layer of your eye cream overtop your foundation, concealer and powder,” suggests Rivero. Not only does this give your skin a healthy glow, it also adds moisture to the places that you need it most. “Place it on the center of your forehead, along the highest point of your cheeks by your temples, and a light touch on your chin for an instant refresher to your makeup.” This will give your skin an instantly fresh-faced sheen—without too much shine.

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