5 Essential Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Dry Shampoo

Kristin Booker
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When you’re pressed for time, there’s literally nothing that saves the day faster than dry shampoo. A few generous spritzes and your flat, greasy hair problems are a thing of the past—or they should be, at least. As foolproof as the magical oil-absorbing spray might seem, there are still things that can go awry, so arming yourself with some expert tips on how to us dry shampoo is probably a good idea.

We asked Suave Professionals Celebrity Stylist Jenny Cho to give us the lowdown on the who, what, where, and when to use dry shampoo, and the right way to utilize the ultimate time-saver like a pro. Her top five tips and tricks, ahead:

Get to the root of the matter.

“When using a dry shampoo, it’s imperative to spray it right on the roots to remove excess oil,” says Cho, who recommends Suave Professionals Refresh and Revive Dry Shampoo ($2.89; at Target). “It soaks up all of the oil, has a great scent, and won’t leave any residue behind.”

Divide and conquer.

“In order to get the absolute best results, you’ll want to divide your hair into small sections and spray each underneath at the roots,” says Cho.

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Flip it.

“Once you spray each section thoroughly, don’t stop there,” says Cho. “Flip your head upside down and gently massage the dry shampoo into the hair. This will really help revive your strands and add volume and texture, making it easier to style.”


“If you have limp hair, take a brush and gently backcomb the hair after you spray the dry shampoo,” says Cho. “This will add volume at the crown of your hair and help evenly distribute the product through your stands.”

Put your regular shampoo on the back burner.

“If you wash your hair too much, it can actually produce more oil,” says Cho. “Try washing less frequently—say, every other day or every two days—and use a dry shampoo in between for maintenance. Dry shampoo will quickly become your second-day hair best friend.”

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