How to REALLY Use Bronzer

Laura Valencia


The concept of learning how to use bronzer is simple, right? Just find a shade way darker than you’d normally buy for foundation and apply it on your face in order to achieve the ultimate “I just came back from a week in the Bahamas” look. Well, bronzer can definitely help you look temporarily sun-kissed, but it can actually be used for a multitude of things that aren’t directly related to looking like you just got back from vacation. Bronzer, like many other cosmetics, can be used for more than the obvious purpose it holds in its name.

Just how there’s an art in fooling the world to think you’ve gotten lip injections (when you’re actually just following the YouTube tutorials on how to get Kylie Jenner lips) there’s a lot you can do to trick the eye by using bronzer. Here are some of our favorite ways on how to use bronzer, the shimmery powder we’ve come to love.

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For a Natural Sun-Kissed Glow. Using bronzer sometimes can be scary. You think you’ve bought the perfect shade, but then you get into the light and it’s like you washed your face with dirt! To accomplish a natural-looking sun kissed glow, choose a bronzer that compliments your undertones (cool vs. warm) and make sure to apply it with a big round brush.  You want the powder to just fall on your face, without you piling it on and making your face look dirty.

As Blush. Sometimes you get tired of using the same pink and peachy shades, but you feel naked without something on your cheeks. Try using a lighter shade of bronzer in place of those super pigmented blushes instead.

To Give You Higher Cheekbones. So maybe contouring isn’t your thing. Trying to perfectly blend a bunch of light and dark lines while also strategically placing them all over your face is anything but easy at first. But in the event that you have way too much time to get ready, you can add a little bronzer into your routine to make your face pop. Try creating a thin line using your bronzer where your actual cheekbones are and then apply your blush.

To Have More Cleavage. So you’re part of the IBTC (Itty Bitty Titty Committee) and it’s ladies night and you want to show off your chest in your little black dress. Simply darken the areas where you see your minimal cleavage to accentuate what your momma gave you!

To Look Thinner! So we’ve saved the best for last. Say you’re still working on your summer body but the summer activities are just around the corner. You might be looking for a quick fix for that rooftop pool party your best friend got a +1 to. Apply a little bronzer on your tummy so that when the light hits you, the contrast will give the illusion of a flatter tummy (just make sure you’re not wearing white that day).

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