Is Your Makeup Looking Dated? Here’s How to Update Your Look

Victoria Moorhouse
how to update makeup


We love the transformative effects of makeup. Nothing else in the world makes us feel more powerful than swiping on some lipstick and letting the world know that this is exactly how we want to be seen. The issue is that as we age, the products and application methods that made us look like a million bucks in college no longer work as well—suddenly they’re making us look older than we actually are.

But don’t throw your mirror out the window—all you need to do is fine-tune your makeup routine so that it’s as fresh and gorgeous as you are. We turned to makeup artist and the Beauty Director at Large of, Romy Soleimani, who gave us some of her best tips for how to update your makeup—and still feel like yourself when you do it.

Wear the Right Foundation and Concealer Shade
When you wear a hue that doesn’t match your skin tone or is too light, Soleimani says it can make you look washed out and tired—which makes you look older. To make sure you buy the right shade, shes suggests color-matching to the skin on your neck, and don’t cake it on. “While we want to cover any dark areas, sun spots, or redness, a well-hydrated complexion that allows some of your natural skin to shine through will look healthy and youthful,” she says.

Similarly, Soleimani notes that using a concealer shade that’s too light will just draw attention to the flaws you’re trying to cover up—make sure it’s an exact complexion match or skip it altogether!

Be Mindful of Eyeliner Placement
It’s all about “lightening and opening up the eyes,” Soleimani explains, and you’ll need a solid balance of eyeliner to do so. You don’t want to much eyeliner all around the eye; you also don’t want to only apply bottom liner as that will drag down the face. The fix? Keep it away from the inner corners—so think the outer third of the eye only—and apply a thin line on the upper lid for an “instant lift.”

Think Through Dark Lip Colors
We’re all for a vampy lip, but for a fresh, young look, Soleimani suggests a lighter shade. “In general, using a darker tone can make lips appear less full, and as we age, lips become thinner,” she says. “Stick to lighter tones that will make your lips look more plump.” If you do want to wear a berry shade, she suggests picking something that has a sheer finish and is moisturizing.

Create Balance Between Your Eyes and Lips
Don’t go all out on both a smokey eye and a bold lip on the same night. “I think modern makeup is all about creating subtle tweaks to enhance your features, and it’s about creating a balance,” explains Soleimani. “If you want to try a bright lip, make sure the eyes aren’t too heavy and vice versa.” Pick one and go with it—it’s a way less dated look.

Focus on Your Skin
Keeping your complexion in mind—that’s what Soleimani says is the modern approach to makeup. To ensure you’re getting flawless look, she suggests using your fingers to apply the product, as it will warm up the formula and give you a natural finish.

Use a Cream Blush
Turns out, powder blushes are more likely to emphasis dryness and settle in fine lines, so cream formulas are a great alternative. That’s what Soleimani says will help you create a healthy complexion. “The Cream Blushes by RMS ($36, RMS Beauty) are great because they include coconut oil and healing turmeric, plus they don’t get greasy and stay put,” she says. “I also like Kevyn Aucoin’s The Creamy Glow Blushes ($28, Bergdorf Goodman) for their super smooth and easily blendable formula.”

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