Expert Tricks For Getting Perfectly Tousled Hair

Messy-Chic hair


Who doesn’t love a good disheveled hairstyle? Rocking a gorgeous tousled hairdo gives you that relaxed, cool girl vibe — naturally stylish and chic. And honestly, who doesn’t want to be that girl? However, wearing this hairstyle may look easy, but any girl who has tried to master the messy chic style knows that it takes some work.

While the whole messy aspect of the look may seem simple enough — just leave your natural texture and don’t cleanly pull back all the pieces of hair — there’s more to this look than meets the eye. It can actually be very difficult to look natural without being too out of control. That’s why we talked to hairstylist Charles Dujic to chat about his favorite disheveled looks, how to get the style according to your hair type, and which products you should be using. Read on!

Building Volume
Dujic likes to use a cushion brush like the Mason Pierson Junior and gently back brush the hair from underneath the roots, working your way down the hair strands. “The key is to not see the back brushing, so you will want to artfully disguise that in your final finger sculpting.” He explains that this is the hardest part of achieving the look. It’s all about playing around, experimenting, and seeing what works for you. Sometimes the best things happen on accident (as Dujic reassures us).

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Tips For Disheveling Straight Hair
“It’s all about adding texture and grip to the hair so it doesn’t feel so silky when you’re trying to achieving this type of look,” explained Dujic. He likes to use Bumble and Bumble DrySpun Finish after blowing hair dry to give texture and volume.

Adding random waves is another great way for girls with otherwise straight hair to add a little extra dimension to a flat hairstyle. Dujic suggests using a large barrel curling iron and wrapping random pieces of hair with varying sizes. Some you’ll wrap forward, while others in reverse. This way the hair won’t look artificially curled and styled, but instead naturally wavy.

Tips on Maintaining Curly Hair Control
One way to control curly hair for this look is the blow drying technique. Start out with towel-dried hair, and work in a product to add some control to the hair for blow drying. Dujic recommends one of his new favorites, Living Proof’s Primer. Then, when blowing your hair dry, angle the dryer so that it’s blowing in a downward direction from the roots to the ends. Then with the other hand, place your hair between your fingers and gently tug some of the curl out of the hair as you are drying it. Once hair is dry, Dujic says just doing this alone could be enough to give you the look after a little finger tousling.

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Another technique he suggests is to use a large barreled curling iron after blowing dry. It will loosen the curls while controlling their pattern a bit more. He recommends using a little Moroccanoil in the damp hair to nourish and tame before using the heat. Once curled, tousle with your fingers to separate as desired.

Products to Use
“For disheveled hairstyles, the hair should have a diffused appearance, so you want to seek out products that are dry in nature so the hair doesn’t get too clumpy or wet looking,” explained Dujic.

It all begins with the prep. Adding product to the roots is another way to build volume while adding texture and grip. Dujic suggests using René Furterer Volumea. Also, after blowing dry, Dujic likes to add dry shampoo at the root area for an extra lift. We love Dove’s Refresh + Care Invigorating Dry Shampoo for a light, dry texture that still provides hold.