How Do I Tell What Hair Type I Have?

Wesley O'Meara

Dear Wesley,

How do I tell what hair type I have (thick, fine, etc) and does it really matter in terms of products?



Great question!

Well, you have to look at the individual strand of hair to be able to tell if you have fine, medium, or thick hair. Looking in the mirror and deciding the type of hair you have alone won’t do the trick. You may think you have medium thick hair because you see soooooo much hair when you look in the mirror, but if you look at the individual strand of hair that strand may be super fine. In this case you would have fine hair, but just a lot of it. If you look at the individual strand, and it looks very dense and sturdy, this typically means you have thick hair. Thick hair is more on the sturdy side and tends to be course and dry, while fine hair is very weak and tends to be limp and dull.

Now that you have assessed your hair and figured out your hair type, it is very important to use products that target your hair type. For instance, if you have fine hair and you use a product for thick hair it may make your hair super greasy, and even more limp. Same goes for thick hair, if you use a product for fine hair, it won’t give your hair what it needs and you may end up with frizzy hair that is out of control.

Hope this helps and thanks for asking such a fantastic question!

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