10 Surefire Ways You Can Tell a Girl Just Left the Salon

Augusta Falletta

Going to the hair salon is about as close as a girl can get to feeling like she’s getting a Hollywood makeover. Between the hair washing, the treatment, the cut, the color, and the blowout, if we could sit in a hair salon every day of our lives we would. In our experience, most ladies feel like they’re walking on air when they leave, and each exhibit certain signs when they leave. Below are 10 surefire ways to tell a girl just left the hair salon.

She’s looking in every single reflection she can find: Mirrors, windows, doors, anything.

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She posts anywhere from 1-5 selfies on social media, all with a caption alluding to a new cut or color (i.e., “Snip Snip” or “Short hair don’t care.”)

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If you spend longer than 30 seconds talking with her, she’ll start flipping her hair.

beyonce hair flip

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You’ll hear “My hairstylist said the funniest thing today…” about five minutes into a conversation.

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She literally won’t be able to stop touching her freshly blown out hair.

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If the sky even threatens rain, she’ll run to the nearest coffee shop to protect her hair.

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She’ll be avoiding shampoo for as long as possible. If you even mention the words “washing your hair,” she’ll start twitching. 

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When she leaves a room, she struts out, flipping her hair, like a straight up Victoria’s Secret Angel.

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She’ll recommend the stylist to all of her friends. Her friends will then gush over her hair, and everyone will be very excited. 

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She’ll change her profile picture on all social media sites that day, showing off the new cut, color, or style with the just-from-the-salon look. 

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