How to Take the Perfect Prom Picture, As Told By GIFs

Augusta Falletta

Whether you’re heading to prom this month or you’re simply attending an event that’s going to be loaded with cameras, both digital and of the iPhone variety, knowing how to take a good picture is crucial. After all, if you’re spending all this time on your hair and makeup for a magical evening, you should look your absolute best in pictures (because you know as well as we do that they’ll be Instagrammed, Snap Chatted and tagged quicker than you can say “Wait, get my good side!”) In an effort to help prom-goers and soiree attendees alike be able to take the best pictures ever, we put together a complete GIF guide. Below are some of our best tips coupled with some of our favorite GIFs.

Check your teeth for food, lipstick, cracked lips or anything that is a potential smile ruiner. 

check for lipstick in teeth prom

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Fix your hair just before a photo is snapped to avoid it being messed up by the wind or other elements. 

fix your hair

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Tilt your head to the side, but just a pinch. It’ll make things less stiff and the tilted head angle is more flattering. 

tilt your head

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Find the light, and own it. Pro Tip: Light should be in front of you, just to the side or slightly overhead, but not from behind. 

cara delevingne

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Don’t put your hands on your hips in every single picture you take. For some reason, girls never know what we should do with our hands, but if every picture you take features your hands on your hips, things tend to look cheesy. 

hands on hips mila kunis

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If you’re outdoors, use the flash on the camera. Indoors, however, does not require a flash. Try to use natural light. 

taking a picture

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Be mindful of your background, be it trees, bushes or your photo bombing friends. 

Photo Bombing

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If you’ve heard this once you’ve heard it a thousand times, but smize, smize, smize (“smile with your eyes,” for those of you not obsessed with Tyra). 

smize gif How to Take the Perfect Prom Picture, As Told By GIFs

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Don’t pull a face you’re going to regret, like sticking out your tongue. Seriously, no one ever looks good with this and for some reason people still do it. 

miley cyrus

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Also, do not, we repeat do not pose with “duck face.” Even if every Victoria’s Secret angel and Instagram of Kim Kardashian features a duck face, resist. A simple smile will do. 

duck face gif

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And finally, posing with peace signs is also a big time no. Double points taken away from Kylie Jenner for pulling a duck face/peace sign combo. 

kylie and bruce jenner

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