How to Take A Perfect Group Selfie

Alle Connell


By now, you’ve probably got your selfie game on lock, even going so far as to master the advanced-level outdoor selfie. But trying to take a group selfie (we refuse to use the word “usie”) can feel harder than cracking a code: it takes ages to get everyone situated, nobody likes the same shot, someone is always blinking in each photo. Well, worry no more: we’ve made it easy. Here are our 7 best tips for taking the perfect group selfie—every time.

1. Nominate a director (or be one yourself).

There’s nothing worse than losing the moment you’re trying to capture while everyone wriggles around, trying to decide who they want to stand next to in the photo. Seriously, you can spend days doing that. Instead, establish a single director to get everyone into the picture or tell them where they need to go. They don’t need to be a drill sergeant about it, but having one voice to listen to instead of eight or nine is a blessing.

2. Find your light…

It’s not just an America’s Next Top Model catchphrase: no matter how good your front-facing camera is, if your lighting sucks, the entire selfie comes crashing down. Make sure you only take photos where the lighting is directly facing your group, as opposed to coming from one side or behind you. This will ensure that everyone is evenly lit from the front, rather than leaving one person standing in shadow.

3. …But not the phone flash, if possible.

There may be people in the world who look ***flawless by the light of an iPhone flash, but we are yet to meet one of them. Use natural light wherever you can, or find some flattering artificial lighting if not. The best artificial light source, again, will be directly facing your group, not coming from overhead or behind.

4. Stand in front of a white wall.

Okay okay, we understand that this isn’t always possible—but if it is, you should do it. Why? Not only will the light-colored background brighten everyone’s faces (no matter their skin tones), it will also act as your color correction guide when you edit. No more accidental over-editing, or making your skin tones too warm or cool!

5. Be clear about when the picture will be taken.

“One, two, three!”
“Wait, were we going on three?”
“Wait, are we taking it now?”

We bet a million dollars you’ve had this exact conversation at some point. Instead of wasting time debating whether you should snap the photo when you say three or AFTER you say three, try signalling the shot with something that is 100% unambiguous. We’ve always had good success with “One, two, three, CLICK!”

6. Take a few options (and art direct them as best you can).

Because the last thing that Even if this is just saying “Ok, everyone do pretty smiles! Now a silly one! Now one with monster faces!” you’ll have a wide range of moods and photos to choose from. Even if everyone likes a different group selfie, they’ll at least have options to choose from.

7. Don’t be afraid to be silly.

Seriously, just go for it. Sometimes the photos where you feel the goofiest end up looking the best. Besides, even if you look a little weird, at least you’re looking weird with your friends, right?

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