These Instagram-Approved Baby Hair Looks Belong in the MoMA

These Instagram-Approved Baby Hair Looks Belong in the MoMA
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Growing up, one of the first beauty lessons I internalized by virtue of the environment I lived in was that my hair’s capabilities were pretty extraordinary. It could be braided, straightened, twisted, and manipulated just about any other way if I could commit to keeping it healthy and strong too. The black women in my neighborhood demonstrated this constantly by transforming into walking works of art with their standout styles, including the ones that require knowing how to style baby hair.

Laid edges certainly aren’t the only way to fashion one’s hairline. A little frizz and/or texture (edge control optional) is natural and beautiful too. But I would be remiss to dismiss my small (okay, maybe big) obsession with slicked down baby hairs; specifically, the kind that are manipulated into the type of twists and turns I’m not cool enough to invent on my own. Obviously, it’s a technique that’s been in the fabric of black hair history for at least decades, but as of late, it’s reaching new levels of popularity thanks to the genesis of companies like Baby Tress, whose products are dedicated to this very specific look.

There’s also celebs like Ella Mai, whose signature looks often include a slicked-down hairline. But if you’re looking for truly next-level inspo, Instagram will give it to you fast. Call me dramatic, but these baby hair slays might as well be on display in a museum. Keep scrolling to see what I mean.

Ciara’s edges were laid for the 2019 Met Gala red carpet.

Swirlin’ and swoopin’.

Nothing wrong with a littl embellishment.


A badass vibe.

In full bloom.

Keep it simple.

Girls just want bangin’ edges.

Up, close, and swirlin’.

Wrapped and ready to go.

Red carpet-approved.

This deserves all the heart emojis.

Lay it on thick.

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