8 Ways to Save Cash on Shaving This Summer

Victoria Moorhouse
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Your shaving habits generally expedite once summer hits, which means you’ll be shelling out more cash to that beauty routine that previously you didn’t necessarily have to spring for when it was winter. Legs, your bikini line, under your arms, and what have you, less clothing (a seasonal given) means more of a chance to catch sight of stubble. This, in turn, means a greater use of product to lather up and blades that aren’t exactly cheap. Since overusing a razor isn’t safe for a variety of reasons and constantly running to the store to stock up on shaving gel that miraculously slips down the drain is not an option, we rounded up a few simple and easy ways to save you money on shaving this summer. Check them out below.

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1. Stop Shaving Your Legs in the Shower
Or at the very least, turn off the water. Make it your last step before stepping out, meaning you should wash your body and hair before you lather up. Why? If you don’t have a roomy enough showering area, the water tends to hit your legs, rinsing off the shaving cream or gel before you even get your razor half way up your leg. This leads to either more application of an already pricey product or the misfortune of shaving a rough area with just water (ouch). Try turning off the water and rinsing off your legs when you’re finished or shaving at the end of your bath, instead.

2. Give Shaving Gel a Break
You’ve heard this before, we sure. As much as you love shaving gel, it’s not actually necessary for shaving your legs. There are plenty of products you can use in place of shaving cream or gel to get the job done. One popular option is conditioner, hydrating and smooth allowing your razor to glide up your legs with little room for error. You can also use shower gel or soap, but try to stick to a formula that’s not loaded with sulfates and suds. These are generally drying, and shaving as a rule is the quickest way to exfoliate your legs. You’ll want something that will nourish as you remove hair and dead skin cells. Options? Moisturizing shower gels and even body oils, but make sure to thoroughly wash off the residue from your razor so it doesn’t warp the blade.

3. Store Your Razor in a Dry Environment
You’re done shaving and what do you do? Throw it up on the shower rack, most likely. Except this easy move could be costing you extra cash in the long run. Not only does a warm, wet environment attract the growth of bacteria (gross), but it also makes the blades on your razor susceptible to rusting quicker. A rusty razor isn’t something you want to mess around with. To prevent razor corrosion, take it out of the shower, dry it, and store it in a dry and clean environment.

4. Think About Disposables
You may have a love/hate relationship with disposable razors, and that’s alright. They’re not always worth it for everybody, especially if your hair grows in very thick. Most disposable razors aren’t packed with blades like the ones that you pop off a razor and replace. Most have only two or three blades, which is a big step down from a hefty five-blader that seems to pick up any stray hair. They’re also often rather generic, meaning that they sometimes lack in those moisture strips or flexibility at the head. However, they’re not always ALL bad. If you don’t have hair that grows in quickly or super thick, by all means, invest in a bag. You won’t go through it quickly and you won’t have to worry about a rusting razor that you never use.

5. Buy Men’s Products
A razor is a razor is a razor, for the most part. They know no gender. Men’s razors tend to have more blades for a closer shave (as you would want for shaving for face, we would think). While this does depend on the type and brand, men’s razors tend to be cheaper. Next time you head into the drug store, compare prices before running towards the collection of women’s items.

6. Try Waxing or Even Laser Hair Removal
It’s not for the faint of heart if you can’t deal with the tiniest twinge of pain, but it’ll give you a break from shaving and therefore buying the products. Another thing to note, shaving just removes the top of the hair follicle that appears through the pore at the surface of the skin. Waxing plucks the hair from the follicle, while laser hair removal actually damages the hair follicle so the hair will be less likely to grow back quickly over time. Either option will cut back on the amount of time (and money) you commit to shaving.

7. Find Big Deals—Like the Dollar Shave Club
Shaving gets expensive—and there are companies that recognize that and will cater to your needs. The Dollar Shave Club is one them. This men’s-targeted monthly shaving subscription will deliver razor blades to your door each month. You pick one of three plans (each offers a different razor with a different amount of cartridges) and is a set price every single month. You can add in shaving and grooming products if you wish, but it’s not required. It might be aimed at guys, but you don’t have to be one to sign up. The most economically-friendly option will literally only cost you $3 a month. It includes the $1 subscription for a two-blade razor with five cartridges per month, plus $2 in shipping. The other two options feature razors with more blades that are a tiny bit pricier (but probably still cheaper than buying a new one every month at the regular old store) and feature free shipping.

8. Forgot Your Razor on Vacation?
Many hotels offer disposable razors at the front desk if you forgot, so there’s no need to run out and buy a $12 razor, only to use it for three days and return to your fully stocked bathroom cabinet at home.

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