How to Reverse Razor Burn ASAP

Natasha Burton
woman in bikini


Now that warmer weather is finally upon us, it’s time for, you guessed it, shorts! (And skirts!) But if you’re like many of us and haven’t shaved your legs since the dead of winter, you might find yourself with dreaded razor bumps as you get back into the swing of shaving regularly.

Here what you can do to prevent razor burn—and make it go away, stat!—so you can let those pretty legs free.

Shave smart.

Dermatologist Fayne L. Frey MD says that prevention is key for staving off razor burn. Always change your blade every five or so shaves, never shave dry skin, and be sure to apply a shave gel to allow the razor to move more smoothly.

If you do experience razor burn, stop shaving and wait until the bumps and tenderness go away before picking up that razor again.

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Apply a cold compress.

To stop feeling the burn, Roberta Perry, president of Scrubz Body Scrub, Inc, suggests putting a damp washcloth in the refrigerator until it is really cold, then applying it to the burned area. “After a while, just gently rub it a little to release the hair that might be stuck,” she says. (You can also try chilled, wet tea bags, which work great because of the anti-inflammatory properties in the tea tannins.)

Soothe your skin.

Kim Laudati of Kim Laudati Skin Care, says her top razor burn tip to patients is to use Desitin diaper rash cream. “It’s cooling and healing,” she explains. “Big plus—if it’s safe for a baby, it’ll definitely be safe enough for you. A little goes a long way so it’s a fabulously inexpensive solution to a delicate problem.”

You can also try hydrocortisone cream, says Hibba Kapil, founder of Hibba NYC. Then, once the burn is healed a little, apply a layer of warm coconut oil and Vitamin E to continue the healing process.

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Cover it.

On the second day, when the burn is almost healed, use a redness and blemish cream to cover the bumps, Kapil says. “If you need coverage, use a strong corrector and concealer,” she adds. “I love Giorgio Armani Master Corrector and Laura Geller Real Deal Concealer. Seal with loose setting powder.”