How to Remove Glitter Makeup Without Making Your Skin Mad

Sable Yong


There really is no bad occasion for glitter. A little or a lot, the sparkly stuff always puts some pep in our step. Even though the jury’s out as to the safeness of applying glitter on your eyes, we have all at one point lived dangerously and gobbed it on. That said, how exactly does one gob it off? The tricky part of glitter is that it demands commitment. Why? Because you’ll be wearing it for days if you don’t know how to properly remove it. Truly, glitter makeup is probably the most long-wearing makeup, whether you want it to be or not. Your first instinct might just be to wash your face with some soap/cleanser and water. Do NOT do this. You’re just going to spread it around like a grease fire.

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Get some scotch tape. With the sticky side, use the tape like a lint-roller and pick up the glitter particles with it. This should take off the bulk of it. You can repeat again, but don’t go too hard with the scotch tape, or else your poor irritated skin will be quite cross with you afterwards.

Now, use a cotton pad and either eye-makeup remover, baby oil, or even olive oil. The goopier, the better. Soak up that cotton pad and press it over the glitter on your skin, sweeping away the leftover glitter particles. You want to do this in a sweeping/grabbing kind of motion because if you just rub it around, you’ll just be moving the glitter around. When you’re thoroughly oiled-up, the glitter should be loosened and ready for departure.

OK, time for cleanser. Now you can wash your face with your cleanser as you normally would. A wet washcloth may come in handy here. If after drying your face you find that there’s still some sparkle that catches the light, go back to the scotch tape and lightly pick up the errant bits. Now you should be pretty much glitter-free!

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