How to Prevent Spring and Summer Breakouts

Natasha Burton
Woman looking at mirror

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While we’re stoked for warmer temperatures, it’s no secret that with changing weather comes changing skin—so if your face is freaking out a little bit now that spring is in full swing, you’re not alone.

To help you deal with breakouts and sensitivity now—and through summer—we asked skin experts to share their tips on how to prevent and treat those unwelcome bumps.

1. Fight breakouts from the inside out.

You may need to do some internal spring cleaning to keep your skin looking fresh. According to Carla Oatescreator of The Beauty Chef, the trick to maintaining a great complexion may lie more in your digestive tract rather than on how much you’re spending on creams and cleansers.

“Poor digestive health means that the lining of our gut becomes more permeable than it should,” she explains. “This leads to an inflammatory response in the body and one of the main effects we see is skin disturbances such as eczema, acne and dermatitis. Fermented foods promote better digestive health and support healthy skin. When we restore healthy digestion, our skin can revitalize skin.”

She suggests incorporating probiotics—those billions of good bacteria that keep the digestive system healthy and boost the immune system—into your diet to keep breakouts at bay.

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2. Wash your sheets.

Your bed can be a breeding ground for bacteria, says Andy Bosselman, founder of skin care brand Arithmetic.

“Even freshly washed skin still leaves a trail of unwanted bacteria and cells on your pillow at night,” he explains. “It’s important to regularly change sheets and pillowcases to eliminate skin clogging debris and providing your skin a fresh place to rest.”

And don’t forget to swap out your towels and change out of workout gear quickly after you exercise. “Working up a sweat is important, but leaving your gym clothes on can be an invitation to body breakouts,” he says.

3. Stay hydrated.

Warm weather months can lead to an increased production of oil, Bosselman says, which can be frustrating. However, too often we end up trying to counteract shine by stripping our skin of its important natural oils, which can lead to excess drying, irritation, and breakouts

“If your skin is overproducing oil that may mean it’s dehydrated and using harsh products or not moisturizing can send oil glands into overdrive increasing shine and potential breakouts,” he says. “Instead, be sure to stay hydrated. Wash your face with tepid water and use products that don’t contain drying ingredients. And be sure to moisturize every time you wash your face.”

4. Have a routine and be consistent. 

Finally, you want to be sure that you don’t completely change your products at the first sign of breakouts or skimp on your routine out of laziness. (Been there!)

“After a long day of being out in the heat and humidity it’s crucial to be vigilant about washing, treating and moisturizing skin before bed and again when you get up in the morning,” Bosselman says. “Going to sleep with all the sweat of the day still on your face is an invitation for breakouts. As an extra step in prevention in addition to your routine keep cleansing wipes around a quick mid-day clean.”