The Best Reddit-Approved Tricks for Preventing and Treating Ingrown Hairs

The Best Reddit-Approved Tricks for Preventing and Treating Ingrown Hairs
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There are few things more mind-bendingly frustrating then taking time to meticulously shave your legs, bikini line, arms, whatever, only to be left with a mountain of ingrown hairs and irritation an hour later. (Why, cruel world? Why?!) And then, for all your efforts, you are forced to ice your skin and go commando for a week. So fun. So great.

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But if you can’t afford waxing, and going au naturel isn’t your thing, then you have to learn to make peace with your razor—and your body. And who better to help you extend the olive branch than a bunch of complete strangers on random forums deep in the Internet? Our thoughts exactly. So we rounded up the very best tips and tricks on Reddit for dealing with ingrown hairs. And, based on their upvotes and rave comments, they definitely seem to work. Read on to (hopefully) find a cure for your shaving problems, but remember: The internet is not a doctor.

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  1. “Exfoliate, then rub the area with baby oil before you shave to soften the hair and skin. Shave using a men’s razor (one with four blades) and men’s moisturizing shaving cream. Dab some rubbing alcohol on the skin after you shave to kill bacteria … then apply deodorant (an unscented Dove stick works best) liberally. This will keep you dry down there so you won’t chafe and prevents razor bumps. You will have the smoothest giney ever. Mine was always flawless; I was a dancer for four years and did this almost daily.”
  2. “I get those exfoliation gloves from Target or Walgreens and use them on my bikini line every day. No more ingrown hairs! It’s important to exfoliate often because, if you don’t, the hairs will get trapped under dry skin as they grow in. I’ve used it all and this method works the best. You just have to be consistent with it.”
  3. “Use a pre-shave oil. Pacific Shaving Company All Natural Shaving Oil
    is a great one. While you’re showering, just drip about 5-6 drops of pre-shave oil onto your wet palms, then rub it into the area you’re about to shave. It’ll soften your hair (which makes it easier to cut) and will act as a buffer against skin nicks and irritation. … If you can’t afford a good pre-shave oil, you can also use extra virgin olive oil.”
  4. “I use Vaseline right after I shave, and that helps me tons [with ingrown hair]! It will make lint stick to your cooch, though, so give it a few minutes before putting your underoos on if you’ve got a date.”
  5. “A good tip, although it might take a few tries to get your body used to it, is to shave in both directions if you don’t already. Makes it feel as smooth as a baby’s bum and takes longer to grow back.”
  6. “The Bikini Zone gel is literally the best for shaving down there and avoiding razor burn. I’ve been using it for years. It also works well if you’re prone to razor burn after shaving your underarms. My step father actually uses it on his face, too.”
  7. “I’m a stripper, and I shave my lady bits every day. After I shave, I just throw some deodorant on there. Eventually [the area] becomes like your armpits, where it’s blemish-free and you’re able to shave it every day. I don’t use shave gel either, because I’m a cheap bitch, but still no razor bumps ever!”
  8. “My go-to is witch hazel. It’s similar to vinegar, except it keeps bumps away. Also, the price is similar—it’s like $2. Source: the lady who waxes my vagina (also works with shaving).”
  9. “I swear to god I don’t work for this company or anything, but there’s a product called TendSkin … and it is SO good on ingrown hairs. It’s like magic. It stings for a few seconds, but after that, no worries. I apply it before bed and my razor burn/ingrowns are gone by morning.”
  10. “Try aloe vera gel. I always put aloe vera on right after I shave (pretty much anywhere on my body), and ingrown hairs rarely pop up. I notice that the times when I got lazy and forgot, all hell breaks loose.”
  11. “I’m a guy, but I get ingrown hairs on my thighs. I recently started using an exfoliating tea tree face wash 2-3 times a week, and they have pretty much disappeared.”
  12. Another stripper trick is to shave with Astroglide (yes, the lubricant) to prevent razor burn/ingrown hairs. I’ve tried it and it worked, but DAMN does it leave your tub/shower slick.”
  13. “I use an electric razor with a removable head. I disinfect the head with alcohol beforehand, shave, and then exfoliate [my skin] with St. Ives scrub for a couple of days afterwards. I never have ingrown hairs with this method.”
  14. “[Someone ] recommended I use a glycerin soap just before lathering and shaving, so I grabbed an unscented bar from Whole Foods ($2) and used it this morning, and this is the first time I had literally zero irritation. No razor bumps, no cuts, and, most importantly, no ingrowns. I’d definitely try out a glycerin soap.”
  15.  “Shave perpendicular to the direction of the hair, then shave against the direction of the hair. It completely eliminated my ingrown-hair annoyances.”